First Utility

First Utility is the largest independent energy provider in the UK and currently supplies gas and electricity to over 850,000 homes nationwide.

About First Utility

They began in 2008, rapidly growing into a trusted name in the ever-congested energy market. They market themselves as a fair value supplier and since they began, they claim to have saved customers more than £500m.

First Utility is the largest energy supplier in the UK not to create their own power, instead purchasing it from other sources. They have a relationship with oil giant Shell which oversees energy purchases. They also offer broadband services as part of their portfolio of products.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Involvement with the NSPCC as well as green energy and environmental initiatives
  • Easy to use app allowing you to keep on top of your account
  • My Energy money saving tool which helps you understand how much energy you are using and where you could save money
  • Online live chat services helping you resolve issues faster
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  • General – 01926 320 700
First Utility Energy Mix

It's important to know where your supplier gets their energy from:

Coal 14%
Gas 41%
Nuclear 11%
Renewable 29%
Other 4%