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Any driver van insurance

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Last updated: 28 October 2021

Any driver van insurance is essential for businesses that rely on several employees using one van. If you have multiple drivers for the same vehicle, any driver van insurance could offer you the flexibility and freedom to get your job done!

What is any driver van insurance?

Any driver van insurance covers multiple drivers for one van. This means any member of your team can drive your van without being a named driver on your policy. 

Not having to name individual drivers can give you greater flexibility if you are not sure who will be driving which van. It can also save time and money wasted on admin when changing named drivers. 

Be aware that any driver van insurance policies will differ. Some insurers want you to name up to five drivers for your vehicle. Other insurers won’t ask you to name any drivers, but there are likely to be additional restrictions with this more flexible policy. 

Make sure you check the restrictions before taking out any driver van insurance. 

Do I need any driver van insurance?

If you run a business and rely on several employees transporting goods or driving to and from a work site, you may want to consider any driver van insurance. 

Any driver cover is flexible because individual drivers do not need to be named on the policy. If you have a small or growing business with multiple employees using one van, any driver van insurance might be really beneficial!

Any driver van insurance policies will reduce the cost and hassle of having to add and remove people from your policy as named drivers. 

However, any driver van insurance policies are usually more expensive than standard van insurance. This is to account for the risk the insurer takes by not knowing who will be driving the van. 

Remember, if you need to insure more than one van for your business you will need fleet, or multi van insurance instead. 

Can I use any driver van Insurance for personal use?

Yes. Any driver van insurance policies are usually used by businesses, but you can still benefit from them if you are using your van for private use

If you have a private van which several family members use then you will need a policy that covers all of them. For example, any driver van insurance could be useful if you have children who drive your van when they’re home from university.

If you use a van to carry equipment for hobbies, then an any driver policy might be helpful in letting you share the driving with others. 

What are the restrictions for any driver van insurance?

Any driver policies do not cover literally anyone to drive your van. Make sure you check the restrictions on your policy. 

The most common restriction is driver age. Some insurers won’t insure drivers under the age of 21, others insist drivers must be over 25. 

Another common condition is that all drivers must have had a clean licence for a specific length of time. Sometimes this can be a whole year. Make sure you are aware of these restrictions before you consider any driver van insurance. 

Will any driver van insurance save me money?

Because you are insuring several drivers on one policy, any driver van insurance premiums are usually higher than insuring your van for just one driver. 

Any driver policies are usually still better value than arranging separate policies for each individual driver, and they also save you money. 

If you think you might want any driver van insurance but are worried about the costs, you can compare any driver van insurance against standard insurance to see which might work for you.

How to keep your insurance costs low

There are a few ways to cut the cost of any driver van insurance: 

  • Only allow older and more experienced drivers to use your van. Choosing a policy that only covers older and more experienced drivers can help keep your costs low. 
  • Buy the smallest and lightest van available for your needs. The bigger and heavier the van, the higher your premiums will be. 
  • Improve your van’s security. If you are able to lock your van in a secure depot, your policy will be much cheaper than parking it outside an employee’s home. Installing an alarm and immobiliser can also help bring costs down.
  • Advertise on your van. Insurers view vans with personalised ads to be a lower theft risk, so doing this can reduce your insurance costs. 
  • Comparing van insurance is the easiest way to keep your van insurance costs low. 

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