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Apple removes Antennagate videos

Apple has quietly removed a number of videos from its international web sites which suggested that all smart phones have attenuation problems when held in a certain way.

The videos, which aimed to expose 'death grip' weaknesses in handsets from RIM, Nokia HTC and Motorola among others have been replaced with a puff page about Apple'sж $100 million antenna design lab.

Apple was heavily criticised by the makers of the handsets included in the video clips, but the company insists that the removal of the page is nothing more than part of its drive to 'constantly refresh' the content of its web sites.

Apple's insistence that it did not bow to pressure from its competitors is partly validated by the fact that the videos are still available on the company's official Youtube fan site, but conspiracy theories are sure to abound.

Evidence suggests that the iPhone's antenna problems are far worse than those of the competitors it tried to take a stab at.

Apple's current stance on the iPhone 4 Antennagate issue is simple. If you've got an iPhone 4 and you like it you can have a free case which will fix the attenuation problem.

If you don't like it take it back and they'll give you a full refund.