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Compare broadband and phone deals

Broadband and phone packages start at £16.99, but you might have to pay a little more if you want unlimited calls.

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Rated 5/5 based on over 680 reviews
Compare broadband and phone deals

Broadband and phone deals we recommend

Our verdict
Best overall deal

EE Fibre Broadband + Anytime UK calls

Speed:36 Mbps
Price:£31.00 / month
Length:18 months

Our verdict

EE's Unlimited Fibre Broadband package with anytime calls added on is a great overall package that balances price, speed, and calls unlike many other packages.


Unlimited minutes mean you will save a lot compared to a pay as you tariff. Speed is very adequate too. Perks are included if you are already with them for mobile.


18 months is a longer commitment than some might like. Although you get unlimited minutes you will still be charged a 24p connection fee for every call.

Best for cheap calls
Now Broadband

NOW Brilliant Broadband + Anytime Calls

Speed:11 Mbps
Price:£18.00 / month
Length:12 months

Our verdict

This NOW deal really is about as cheap as it gets and although the connection speed isn't the best, the rest of the package does stack up.


You will find it difficult to find a cheaper anytime calls package anywhere else. 12 month contracts are becoming rarer, so it is very welcome here. You can add on any of NOW's TV memberships quite easily if you so wish.


It only comes with and 11Mbps ADSL connection, which isn’t very fast. There's a fairly steep £8 jump after the 12 months is up.

Best for evening and weekend calls
John Lewis

John Lewis Unlimited Broadband + Evening and weekend calls

Speed:36 Mbps
Price:£26.00 / month
Length:12 months

Our verdict

With fibre internet and evening and weekend calls included, this package is well priced for the occassional caller.


With a £45 gift card included, the average monthly cost comes down to £22.25 per month. 36 Mbps speed should be adequate for most households.


The 'unlimited' calls included are only to landlines; if you call mobiles a lot we recommend you look elsewhere.

Best for international calls

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband + Anytime International Calls

Speed:10 Mbps
Price:£27.99 / month
Length:12 months

Our verdict

If you make calls abroad regularly, this Plusnet package will help you keep costs down.


This Plusnet internet deal includes 300 anytime international minutes and unlimited calls to UK landlines, which is great for avid callers. £50 gift card brings overall monthly price down to £23.82.


International calls are only to 'top' destinations - check where you want to call is inlcuded before going with this deal. Unlimited calls to mobiles cost an extra £3 per month.

We hand-picked these from a selection of over 140 different deals, assessing them based on speed, price, bundled phone and TV packages, and providers’ customer service ratings. We receive commission from providers we send you to, but that will never influence how we present or rate deals, and will never affect the price you pay for your broadband.

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Finding the best broadband and phone package for you

There are three main things to look at when searching for a broadband and phone package:

  1. The broadband aspect - It is important that you look at the bandwidth being offered as part of the package you are looking at, as well as the provider itself (e.g. their customer service track record). For more details on what to look out for when taking out a new internet connection, see our main broadband page.
  2. The phone aspect - Many providers will allow you to make phone calls on all of their packages, but on their cheaper packages this will usually be pay as you go. If you use your phone a lot, it is probably worth looking at packages with evening & weekend calls or anytime calls included as standard (we explore this in more detail below!). 
  3. Price - Price is usually the main factor in most people's decision making process. When it comes to internet and phone deals be aware that cheaper packages will usually come with slower internet (ADSL) and pay as you go minutes. We would recommend you consider how much you use your internet and phone before you opt for the cheapest connection available.

What to look out for with home phone plans

Pay as you go calls usually come as standard

As we noted earlier, most home broadband packages come with line rental (and therefore pay as you go calls) included as standard. 

Providers who do not include line rental as standard are Hyperoptic and Virgin Media. EE now also offer packages without a landline, but most of them come with line rental as standard. Most other provider's will allow you to make calls on any of their packages.

This doesn't mean that you should go for the cheapest connection though. 

Occasional vs regular use

If you only make the occasional call using your landline then these packages will be fine. 

If your home phone is used more regularly though, upgrading to a broadband deal with free calls included, otherwise known as an anytime phone package, is probably worth the extra up-front cost.

Prices vary between providers

Be aware though, these anytime call packages work differently from provider to provider.

EE broadband, for instance, will allow you to make any many calls for as long as possible on their anytime calls package as you want, but you will still be charged a 24p connection charge per call.

Conversely, BT will never charge a connection fee on their anytime home phone add-on, but they limit their their 'free' period for calling to 60 minutes; this means if you call someone for 80 minutes, you will be charged 20 minutes at their pay as you go rate.

We explain some of the differences between the different provider and package offerings below, but we highly recommend you read the small print on any internet and phone package before you take it out.

Broadband packages with anytime calls

If you use your home phone religiously, then we would recommend taking out a broadband plan with anytime calls. 

To put into perspective how much making calls on a base packages can cost, if you are on one of EE broadband's pay as you go home phone plans your calls will cost 16.1p per minute.

If you call another UK landline for 10 minutes every day, you will end up paying £48.97 extra a month just on phone bills.

Alternatively, if you take out EE's anytime call package, you will end up paying an extra £8.36 per month for their anytime call package as well as a 24p connection charge per call. If you do one call per day, every day, you would end up paying £15.66 per month, a saving of £33.31 per month!

To see how much anytime call packages will cost, compared with how much you will pay for a PAYG package with one call a day, please see below.

Provider Unlimited minutes cost Pay as you go cost Monthly cost for one 10 minute call / day on PAYG to a UK landline
BT broadband £15 / month 20.9p / min £63.57
EE broadband £8.36 / month & 24p connection cost per call 16.1p / min £48.97
Plusnet broadband £9 / month 15p min £52.62
John Lewis Broadband £6 / month (landline only)
£11 / month (landline & mobile)
14p (landline)
16.5p (mobile)

Below we have selected a few broadband and phone deals with anytime calls we think represent good value.

ADSL broadband with anytime calls

John Lewis Broadband

Unlimited Broadband + Anytime calls

12 month contract + Phone

£40 eGift Card

10Mb / second

Average speed



£25.03 / month

£0 upfront fees

Fibre broadband with anytime calls

Broadband with evening and weekend calls

Don't make any calls during the day on weekdays? A package with evening and weekend calls will probably be more suitable. 

The likes of Plusnet offer an evening and weekend call package for an extra £5 per month.

John Lewis offer evening and weekend calls as standard on all their home broadband deals.

BT broadband don't offer any packages with this, but they do offer a 700 minute add-on for a monthly cost of £7. These minutes can be used at any time, but once used up you will be charged minutes at their pay as you go rate. 

Provider Call set up fee Evening & weekend call package cost
BT broadband Not applicable Not available - instead BT offer a 700 minute package, where the first 700 minutes are free at £7 / month.
EE broadband Not available EE do not have available an evening and weekend call package
Plusnet broadband 23p £5 / month
John Lewis Broadband 23p Included as standard (calls to landlines only)

All of the above can be added onto any broadband plan offered by the above providers, whether that be one of their ADSL or fibre optic deals.

What about cheap broadband and telephone packages?

Broadband usually comes with a landline installed, so theoretically the cheapest broadband and phone package you can is £16.99 from Shell Energy broadband.

Shell Energy Broadband

Fast Broadband

18 month contract

11Mb / second

Average speed



£16.99 / month

£0 upfront fees


This deal comes with pay as you go minutes though, so although you will be able to make calls if you take this contract out, you could end up paying quite a bit more than you would if you opt for anytime calls.

So the real question is: Is it possible to get a cheap broadband and telephone deal with anytime calls?

Yes, it is.

Broadband provider NOW offer some great broadband with anytime call packages, starting from £18 per month for an 11Mbps ADSL connection.

NOW Broadband

Brilliant Broadband + Free Anytime Calls

12 month contract + Phone

11Mb / second

Average speed



£18.00 / month

£5 upfront fees

If you want something a bit faster, they also offer their Fab Fibre plan for £23 per month, which also comes with anytime calls and a 36 Mbps connection.

NOW Broadband

Fab Fibre + Free Anytime Calls

12 month contract + Phone

36Mb / second

Average speed



£20.00 / month

£5 upfront fees

Be aware though, these NOW deals come with anytime calls included for only the first 12 months. After this introductory period NOW will charge £8 per month for this. When this happens we would suggest you either 1. find a new broadband and phone deal or 2. try haggle with NOW over the increased costs.

Can I keep the same phone number if I switch providers?

Yes, but only if you’re staying in the same house as before. If you’re switching providers and moving to a different house, you might not be able to keep your number. Especially if you’ve moved far away and will need a different area code.

Can I have a second phone line installed?

You can get a second phone line installed, but it will cost you extra. The exact price will depend on your provider, so you should contact them and find out the specifics. Getting a second phone line is a great idea if you’re splitting your property into separate flats or want a dedicated business line coming into a home office.

Last reviewed: 10 September 2021

Next review: 10 October 2021