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Virgin Media Broadband

About Virgin Media

Virgin Media is the provider of the UK’s fastest, most widely available broadband services in the country.

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What does Virgin Media offer?

Virgin regularly top the charts in terms of download speeds, offering the fastest fibre optic connections in the country in 2017*. Using bespoke DOCSIS® 3 technology, their cables can connect you to the things you love at speeds of up to 300Mpbs; faster than either BT or Sky.

Virgin Media’s complete package offers include TV, phone and mobile - whether you want only one of these services, or a combination of the four, visit our broadband comparison page or click to the next tab to see Virgin's best broadband deals.

Generally, the cheapest broadband deals use Virgin Media’s basic services, such as its 50Mpbs broadband package, Mix TV television package, and Talk Weekends phone plan. See the next tab for a full list of packages.

What does Virgin offer?

As well as high speed internet, Virgin Media offer a great TV service with a wide range of channels, including movies, entertainment, and sports, as well as a well-stocked on demand service.

Which Virgin package is best for me?

You have a number of options when deciding which is the right package for you:

Player bundle

Combining Virgin Media’s Player TV, VIVID 100 fibre broadband and Talk Weekends packages, this is one of their most desirable and competitively priced bundles, starting from £30 per month.

Mix bundle

Starting from £46 per month, the Mix Bundle boasts Virgin’s top-class VIVID 1 - fibre broadband, Talk Weekends and Mix TV packages, with some added extras including 6 months free Netflix and 70 more channels than the Player Bundle.

VIP bundle

This combines Virgin Media’s top broadband, TV and phone services, with added extras (such as 6 months free Netflix, Sky Sports HD and Sky Cinema HD) from £91 per month. A full list of features is available above.

Package Builder

You can also build your own Virgin Media package to suit your own specifications and budget. Whether you want all the TV channels and the fastest broadband, or a more modest broadband deal with an all-inclusive call plan, their helpful package builder gives you all the freedom you want.

How fast is Virgin Media broadband?

This is entirely dependent on which broadband deal you choose, but Virgin Media is the provider of the UK’s fastest and most widely available broadband services. They use their own DOCSIS® 3 technology in their cables to ensure the fastest possible internet connection.

Traffic Management Policy

Virgin’s traffic management policy applies only to uploads, not to downloads, and will therefore not affect the majority of customers. If you regularly publish content online (eg videos and large files), then it is worth reading the policy in detail before settling on a specific package.

Throttling Policy

For customers on a broadband tier of 20Mpbs and below, between 3pm and 8pm for uploads, and between 5pm and 10pm for downloads, broadband speed will be restricted. For customers on a broadband tier of 30Mpbs or higher, only the upload speed will be restricted, between 6pm and 11pm.

Every package has an upload threshold per house, which, if exceeded, will result in the upload speed being reduced for the next 60 minutes.

The initial upload thresholds are as follows:

  • 50Mb fibre: 1000MB per hour
  • 100Mb fibre: 1250MB per hour
  • 152Mb fibre: 2250MB per hour

What do Virgin Media TV packages include?

Depending on your package, you can get more than 260 channels added to your TV bundle, including Sky 1, Discovery and British Eurosport.

Virgin’s on-demand services let you catch up on the shows you’ve missed as well as stream additional programming at a time that suits you. The bigger your package, the wider your viewing choice. See above for full details.

For further cost, you can add extra channels and on-demand features to your Virgin TV package, including Sky Sports (HD), Sky Cinema (HD), Netflix, BT sport and more.

What do Virgin Media telephone packages include?

All Virgin Media telephone packages come with inclusive calls and great calling features at no extra cost.

Includes 60 Minutes free direct-dialled local and national geographic voice calls, including all Virgin Mobile numbers and 0870 numbers starting within the weekend period as standard. The tiered bundle system allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs, whether that be inclusive international, evening or weekend calls.

Perks and Fees

Will I have to pay for installation?

Line rental is included in all bundles as standard, priced at £19 per month.

Will I have to pay for phone rental?

You will likely have to pay an installation fee of £20. Check your chosen bundle as it may include free installation as an added extra.

Virgin Media Deals