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Compare Broadband and TV Deals

Bundling your broadband with a TV subscription will almost always be cheaper than paying for the two services separately. But with some packages costing upwards of £1,000 per year, it is worth investigating the various options available to you.

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Rated 5/5 based on over 680 reviews
Compare Broadband and TV Deals

Broadband and TV deals we recommend

Our verdict
Best overall deal
Virgin Media

Virgin Media Ultimate Volt Bundle

Speed:630 Mbps
Price:£99.00 / month
Length:18 months

Our verdict

If money is no object then you can’t go wrong with Virgin’s Ultimate Volt Bundle package. It comes with a comprehensive list of premium channels and an ultrafast fibre connection, although Sky still offer more channels.


Its comprehensive list of 261 channels includes both BT Sport and Sky Sports, as well as Sky Cinema. The broadband speeds on offer are also some of the fastest on the market, if you can get them.


At £99 a month it is one of the most expensive deals around, and it also comes with a £35 setup fee which isn’t cheap. You can get more channels on Sky’s top packages.

Best value deal
Now Broadband

Origin Fibre & 4K TV Bundle

Speed:18 Mbps
Price:£32.99 / month
Length:18 months

Our verdict

If you are short on cash then Origin’s 4K bundle offer is great value. Itoffers a good range of premium channels, including subscriptions you won’t find elsewhere. Overall though, it’s selection is more limited than offerings from other providers.


Offers more than 150 channels as well as over 40,000 hours of on-demand content, plus a years’ subscription to both Amazon Prime and Premier Sports.


Broadband speed of just 18Mbps may not be sufficient for larger householdsor those that play online games. It also has no dedicated movie channels included, with no option to add extra TV packages.

Best for sports fans

BT Big Sport + Fibre 2

Speed:67 Mbps
Price:£70.99 / month
Length:24 months

Our verdict

The perfect package for football fans, offering both BT Sports and SkySports along with fibre broadband. You’ll struggle to find such a comprehensive sports package for less.


The best price currently on the market for a bundle deal that includes all UK sports channels, including Sky Football, F1, Golf, and Eurosport channels.


It is expensive for the speed on offer. Some entertainment channels are included but with the exception of AMC these can all be found on Freeview. Sky Sports channels must be watched via the NOW TV app, so could be more user-friendly.

Best for movies

Sky TV, Cinema & Superfast Broadband

Speed:59 Mbps
Price:£53.00 / month
Length:18 months

Our verdict

A perfect match for the movie addict, this deal includes all 11 Sky Cinema channels in full HD and a great library of movies to watch on demand. It also gives you access to over 300 premium entertainment channels, and superfast fibre speeds.


The cheapest way to get a broadband and TV bundle that includes Sky Cinema, while it also comes with a library of over 1,000 movies to watch on demand. The broadband is pretty good too.


With a set-up cost of up to £49 this deal definitely isn’t the cheapest for new customers, and you will need to have a satellite dish installed. It doesn’t include a Netflix subscription, which comes as standard with some of the cheaper Sky packages.

We hand-picked these from a selection of over 140 different deals, assessing them based on speed, price, bundled phone and TV packages, and providers’ customer service ratings. We receive commission from providers we send you to, but that will never influence how we present or rate deals, and will never affect the price you pay for your broadband.

Guides on broadband and TV bundles

Find out all you need to know before you pick a deal

Key considerations: What to look for in a broadband and TV package

With so many broadband and TV bundle deals to choose from, deciding which package is best for you can be overwhelming.

In general, you should consider the following before choosing your home broadband and TV deal:

  • Broadband: If you live alone or with one other person, or are on a budget, basic ADSL broadband may be enough for you. If you live with multiple people with multiple devices, or use the internet often to stream or play games, we recommend looking at a fibre connection with a larger bandwidth. To find out more, go to our main broadband page.
  • TV channels: Arguably the most vital factor when considering a broadband and TV bundle deal is the channels included in your package. Think about what you want to watch - are you happy with just standard entertainment channels? Or do you want access to live sports or an endless movie selection?
  • Price: As with any product, the price you pay should be an important factor when deciding which provider to go for. Some providers’ TV packages will be cheaper than others, although you might not be getting the same number of channels. You should also bear in mind any installation and delivery cost which will add to the overall price. For more info, check out our guide on which broadband provider is the cheapest.

TV Features: What can I include in my TV package?

When it comes to adding a TV package to your broadband service, the process for each provider may differ slightly.

For example, BT TV packages are only available as add-ons for BT broadband customers, whereas anyone can get a NOW TV subscription regardless of their broadband provider.

TV packages come in many shapes and sizes, with something for everyone; whether you’re a football fan, movie addict or a student on a budget; what is offered by each provider can differ quite a bit though, so we recommend you do your research.

Most broadband providers will let you pick and choose which TV packages to add to your subscription. So, let’s take a look at the types TV add-ons on offer to help you choose the right package.


Most broadband and TV providers offer a basic, entry-level TV subscription, often known as an entertainment package.

After all, what’s TV without entertainment? These will typically be the cheapest bundle deals offered by each provider.

Not all of these starter packs are the same, however, and some have a much more comprehensive offering of channels to what many people would consider ‘basic’.

For example, the number of channels offered on NOW’s entertainment package is 18, whereas Sky’s equivalent package includes over 300.

Entertainment TV packages are where you’ll usually find premium channels such as Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Comedy Central, and MTV.

Each provider will differ slightly, however, so always make sure to check exactly what channels you’ll get so you don’t end up disappointed.


Number of channels (base packages)

Monthly Cost

Sky Broadband

300+ (inc. Netflix subscription)

£25 (TV only)

£43 (with superfast broadband)

BT Broadband

80 (inc. 12 channels in full HD)

£12 (TV add-on)

Virgin Media Broadband

109 (Big Bundle)

172 (Big Bundle + Drama & Docs)

£33 (Big Bundle)

£37.99 (Big Bungle + Drama & Docs)

NOW Broadband


£9.99 (rolling contract, TV only)

Origin Broadband

150+ (inc. Amazon Prime Video + Premier Sprots subscriptions)

£15.99 (TV add-on)

TalkTalk Broadband

70 (Freeview channels only)

£24 (with fibre broadband)

Add-ons and extras

You should also look out for any extras included with a basic TV subscription which could help to seal the deal. This could include a monthly subscription to an online streaming service.

For example, Sky is now offering a Netflix subscription with their basic TV package, while you’ll get Amazon Prime Video with Origin’s 4K TV bundle.

You should also note that Freeview channels are often included as part of these basic packages, so bear that in mind if you already have a Freeview box at home.

In fact, TalkTalk stopped offering exclusive TV channels at the end of 2020, so now all you get with TalkTalk TV are those 70 Freeview channels. If you have a smart TV, it should already come with these channels by default. 


As most sports fans already know, following your favourite team doesn’t come cheap.

The competition between broadcasting giants Sky and BT is fierce, and to watch every big event live you’ll probably need multiple subscriptions and a healthy budget.

Luckily, if you only care for golf, or Formula 1, or even UFC, you’ll be able to find a cheaper package as you won’t need both Sky Sports and BT Sport.

Football fans, on the other hand, will need to fork out quite a bit to catch every game, as the Premier League is shared between not only Sky and BT, but now Amazon Prime Video too.

And if you want to watch live matches from European leagues including La Liga and Serie A, that’ll set you back another £11 a month, thanks to exclusive coverage from online-only platform Premier Sport.

When it comes to choosing a sports TV package, Sky, BT and Virgin Media all offer both Sky Sports and BT Sport under one package, at varying price points.

NOW, however, currently only offer Sky Sports channels as part of their sports pass, although you can get around this by signing up to BT Sport’s contract-free monthly pass, which you can watch on the BT Sport app (no need to be a BT broadband or TV customer).

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Platform Sports
  • Football (Premier League, UEFA Nations League, EFL, Scottish Premiership, MLS)
  • Cricket (ICC Cricket World Cup, all England Tests, ODIs and T20 matches, IPL)
  • Rugby Union (British and Irish Lions, IRB Sevens World Series)
  • Golf (US Masters, The Open, US Open, Ryder Cup, PGA Tour)
  • Formula One (all Grand Prix races and qualifying)
  • Boxing
  • Rugby League
  • Darts
  • NFL
  • Netball
  • Basketball (NBA & WNBA)  
  • Football (Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, Bundesliga, Ligue 1)
  • Rugby Union (Premiership Rugby, Champions Cup)
  • UFC
  • WWE
  • Boxing
  • MotoGP  
  • Football (20 Premier League games per season)
  • Tennis
  • NFL  
  • Football (Scottish Cup Football, La Liga, Serie A)
  • Rugby League (Guinness Pro14)
  • NHL  


Money saving tip

Another option if you want to keep costs to a minimum, is stick to rolling, monthly contracts.

Currently, you can only find these with the NOW sports pass (Sky Sports) or the BT Sport app, but it means you can cancel at any time and only pay for the months when the sporting event you’re interested in is occurring.

NOW also offer a daily, one-time only sports pass, but at almost £10 a go this is only really worth it if you watch one match or event per month or less.


Thankfully, choosing a movie TV package is a bit simpler than sports. This is because the channels you get are actually the same no matter which provider you choose.

Sky, Virgin Media, BT and NOW all offer a movie package that consist of the 11 Sky Cinema channels which are based on certain genres, including Sky Cinema Action, Sky Cinema Family, and Sky Cinema Comedy.

As the channels offered by each providers’ movie package are essentially the same, it would make sense to look at the total price of each service as the deciding factor.

However, some providers such as Sky include over 1,000 movies to watch on demand as part of the package, so look out for these extras too.


Monthly cost
Sky Broadband £11 (add-on)
£37 (broadband bundle)
BT Broadband £22 (add-on)
Virgin Media Broadband £62 (broadband bundle)
NOW Broadband £11.99 (rolling contract, TV only)



If you have young children at home and are looking for ways to keep them entertained, you can’t go wrong with adding a kids TV package to your broadband service.

Luckily, these are among the cheapest add-ons available, and you shouldn’t be paying more than £5 a month on top of your bill.

Kids TV packages will typically have a handful (6-8) of dedicated kids channels, including Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. While this might not sound like a lot, only CBBC and CBeebies are currently available on Freeview, and we know children can get bored pretty quickly!

Provider Channels Monthly Cost
Sky Broadband 8 channels & 5,000 episodes on demand £5 (add-on)
BT Broadband 7 channels & catch-up TV £5 (add-on)
NOW Broadband 6 channels & 1,000s of shows on demand £3.99 (rolling contract, TV only)

Broadband and TV Pricing

Sky, BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, NOW, and Origin all offer broadband and TV bundle deals. If you’re after a comprehensive package, you’re better off judging them by overall price; but if you’re clear about what you want specifically, look at who offers the best value for your chosen package (sports, films, etc) and work from there.

Take a look at the table below at the different passes and packages on offer from Sky, BT, and NOW, as well as their monthly costs:

(Please note that these prices are for the TV subscription add-ons ONLY - for broadband and TV bundle prices, have a look at our deals table at the top of this page)

Provider Entertainment (Basic) Movies Sports Kids
Sky Broadband £25pm (300+ channels as well as Netflix) £11pm (Sky TV + 11 Sky Cinema channels & >1,000 movies on demand) £20pm (Sky TV + Sky Sports)
£27pm (BT Sport)
£5pm (Sky TV + 8 Sky Kids channels & >5,000 episodes on demand)
BT Broadband £12pm (80 channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky One & Comedy Central) £22pm (BT Entertainment + NOW Cinema Membership) £15pm (4 BT Sport channels & Freeview)
£40pm with Sky Sports included
£5pm (7 dedicated kids channels as a rolling monthly add-on)
NOW Broadband £9.99pm (18 channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky One & Comedy Central) £11.99pm (11 Sky Cinema channels) £33.99pm (11 Sky Sports channels only) £3.99pm (6 dedicated kids channels)


Virgin Media also offer a wide range of broadband and TV bundles, although their pricing is structured differently so they weren’t included in this table. For more information on Virgin’s TV packages, head over to our Virgin Media TV page.

Broadband with TV Streaming Services

If you don’t have a TV, you can still get a TV subscription through NOW, which allows you to watch any of its passes on any device compatible with the NOW TV app. This includes laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

BT Sport can also be watched exclusively on the BT Sport app, although Sky TV, BT TV and Virgin Media’s TV bundles will require an installation and delivery fee (for the set-top box or satellite dish).

If you’re not too fussed about live TV, but still like to binge TV shows and watch the occasional movie, you could save a lot of money by skipping TV bundle packages altogether and settling with a streaming service or two – like Netflix or Amazon Prime video.

These start at between £5 and £10 per month each, and all you’ll need is an internet connection and a device to watch it on, whether that’s a smart TV, laptop, tablet, or even just a smartphone.

For more information, visit our streaming services page.

Is it cheaper to get broadband and TV together?

Generally speaking, it’ll be cheaper and simpler to get your TV and internet from the same provider. But this isn’t always the case. It can be worth comparing prices for broadband on its own with prices for different providers’ TV offerings if you really want to make sure you’re getting the best deal all round.

We’d only really recommend doing this if, for example, you can only get a particular high-speed package from one provider, but are desperate for the sports channels offered by another.

Bundling broadband, phone and TV together

More often than not, broadband deals come with line rental bundled in. This means that whether you need it or not, you’ll get a landline along with your internet. Often, the base phone package offered as part of any internet deal will offer pay-as-you-go calls, but you can also find unlimited call packages with most providers.

For information on bundling your broadband service with your landline, and to compare the best packages, head over to our page on broadband and phone deals.

Last reviewed: 02 December 2021

Next review: 02 January 2022