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Switch supplier today to reduce your monthly bills by as much as 30%. Enter your postcode to get started.

Market-leading suppliers
Market-leading suppliers
Save hundreds
Save hundreds
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Whether your a small business or large enterprise, save money on your energy today
Whether your a small business or large enterprise, save money on your energy today

Why compare business energy quotes?

We save our customers £100s every day



Finding a new gas or electricity plan for your business takes no more than 5 minutes. Just enter your postcode above.

Cost Cutting

Cost Cutting

Switching to a cheaper gas or electricity tariff is a simple and effective way to reduce your business’ expenditure.

Go Green

Go Green

Choose a gas or electricity supplier with strong green credentials to improve your business’ carbon footprint.

A few of our trusted suppliers

British Gas
Bulb Energy
EDF Energy
Shell Energy

How to Find a New Business Energy Plan


Enter your postcode

Enter your postcode, then tell us a bit about your current plan and which fuel you’d like to compare.


Choose a deal

Choose from a list of bespoke deals – we’ll show you how much you’d savewith each deal.


Fill in details

Fill in some final details about your company, and complete the switch.

Frequently asked questions

The amount you save on your gas and/or electricity bills by switching will depend on your business. Generally, the bigger your premises and larger your workforce, the more you could potentially save. However, it’s difficult to get an exact figure as all businesses are run differently. The tariff you can get also depends on where your business is located, and you should factor in any exit fees you could be charged for if you leave your current deal prematurely. Enter your details now and we’ll get in touch so you can start looking for a better deal. Get a quote and see how much your business could save.

Looking for a new deal and switching is easy. You just need to fill in a short form, and we’ll get in contact with you. Once we've gathered a few details abotu your business - namely its loaction, size, and estimated annual energy consumption - we'll start looking for appropriate suppliers, and return to you with a list of quotes.

Once you’ve chosen a new deal, the switching process will be handled by your new supplier. They'll do the legwork, including informing your current provider of the change. The switch should be completed within 4 to 6 weeks.

No – you shouldn’t be without gas or electricity at any point during your switch. If you do find your supply cut off for any reason, get in touch with your supplier right away to find out what the problem is.

Business Energy v Domestic Energy: What's the difference?

Electricity is electricity, and gas is gas - whether you're powering a flat or an entire office block, the fuel is the same. But when it comes to actually paying for that fuel, things get a little bit more complicated. There are a couple of key differences between gas & electricity supply for business and households:

Bespoke Quotes

While most households use relatively similar amounts of energy, the same can’t be said for businesses. Depending on the size of your premises, the amount of staff you have, and what your business actually does, huge variations are seen between different business’s gas and electricity consumption.

For this reason, business energy quotes are tailored for your individual needs. When getting a quote, you will not only need your postcode and details of your current energy tariff, you’ll need to provide information on the nature of your business and its energy usage.

No Dual Fuel for Businesses

When getting an energy deal for your home, it’s often easier and often cheaper to get both your gas and electricity from the same supplier, under one tariff. But this option isn’t available for businesses.

Instead of getting one deal for all your business energy, you will need to get your gas and electricity tariffs separately. This means you will have to get compare prices twice, and get two different quotes, but also gives you better control and the potential for saving money overall increases.