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Who Are the Best Green Energy Suppliers?

Last updated: 21. 01. 2020

There are a rising number of customers who will factor in an energy provider’s renewable credentials before switching to them.

We have put together a few pointers to help show you what you need to look out for when finding a green energy provider, as well as a few examples.

What Is Green Energy?

Green energy is any form of energy that is generated by completely renewable means, this covers a wide range of different sources, from wind and solar power to geothermal and hydroelectric power. In light of growing concerns about global warming and greenhouse gases, many companies have sprung up and started offering green energy tariffs for the more environmentally minded.

How Do You Know Which Companies Provide Green Energy?

Ofgem give out Green Energy Certificates to any company that can prove they comply with the standards that have been set by the Government. So, if you’re looking for a greener energy supplier, that’s one thing to look out for.

Which Suppliers Offer 100% Renewable Energy?

100% green energy companies:

A handful of UK energy suppliers offer tariffs with energy* that is produced entirely from renewable sources.

  • Bulb
  • Co-operative Energy
  • Ecotricity
  • Good Energy
  • Green Star
  • iSupply
  • Octopus Energy
  • Shell Energy (formerly First Utility)
  • Tonik Energy

Should I Switch to a Green Energy Supplier?

Getting the right energy supplier for you is down to your own personal preferences, and what you want to get out of your energy deal. To help you figure out if you should switch energy, have a look at some of the pros and cons of having a green energy supplier:

You will be helping to save the environment, while you may not reap the rewards yourself you can sleep easy at night knowing you have done your bit. | Green energy at this stage is slightly more expensive, and although you can find some energy deals that will be better than non renewable companies, generally you will be paying more
Green energy companies generally far better levels of customer service than their traditional counterparts, so you will be in for a more stress free experience | Availability can also be a problem; in most instances you will have a greater variety of choice if you don’t restrict yourself to green suppliers.

Best Green Energy Providers

Different companies will as with normal energy be able to provide different services, some will be slightly more expensive and some will provide a higher percentage of renewable energy compared to traditional means. We have put together a few renewable energy company and some facts about them:


Ecotricity were founded back in 1999 and were the first 100% renewable energy company to emerge in the UK. They rate very highly in customer service, coming first in Which? Customer survey in 2015.


Bulb launched last year and have established themselves as one of the key players in the renewable energy market. They boast the cheapest renewable energy on the market as well as being ranked number one on trust pilot.


Ebico work in partnership with SSE and founded in 1998 and is the only not-for-profit energy company. They have no standing charge meaning that you will only ever pay for the energy that you are using.

The Utility Warehouse

One of the less known green energy companies, one of the USP’s of this supplier is that they have said that they will never charge exit fee’s. On top of providing green energy they also provide phone deals on phone broadband and mobile.

If you want to switch energy plan to a green supplier, then run an energy comparison with us today. Just enter a few short details and you will get a list of the best energy deals from all the green energy suppliers available in your area.

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