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Ecotricity summary

Think of yourself as environmentally aware? Ecotricity is definitely a supplier worth considering if you want to switch to green energy usage. As the self-professed “leading green energy supplier in the UK”, Ecotricity offers its customers a wide array of features, such as: 

  • 100% of its electricity and 14% of its gas is from renewable sources.
  • Simple bill tracking and easy to understand tariffs.
  • Efficient customer service with simple pricing.
  • No exit fee or switching costs for any of its tariffs.
  • Strong ethical company values.

Who is Ecotricity?

One of the UK’s smaller energy suppliers, Ecotricity is aiming to be known as its greenest. It is well on its way to earning that reputation thanks to its commitment towards supplying energy from 100% renewable resources.

It began by providing Ecotricity “green gas”, a biogas generated from grass, and went on to introduce green energy tariffs for all its customers in 2010. It also claims to provide “vegan energy”, which means that no animals or animal by-products are involved in its production process.

What does Ecotricity offer?

From domestic energy to business energy, Ecotricity has it all. In fact, it also supplies energy for electric vehicles. Not only does it supply energy from 100% renewable sources, but it is also a not-for-dividend company that uses its profits to fund new green energy projects.  Ecotricity currently only has two main tariffs (apart from a business energy tariff) which are listed below: 

Flat Price Tariff

The Ecotricity fixed rate gas and electric tariff is simple to understand. It includes standing charges of 25.06 p / day. The unit price of Ecotricity is 4.15 p/ kWh for both gas and electricity. Under this plan, you are guaranteed to receive 100% green electricity, and 14% green gas, which makes it a sustainable option for your home energy supply. Additionally, the flat price tariff has no contract nor an exit fee, making it easy to switch if you find a better deal. 

Pay as you Go Tariff

If you’re environmentally conscious but also have to stick to a budget, you may prefer to opt for Ecotricity’s pay-as-you-go tariff, which offers the same eco-friendly energy resources but at a more economical price point. Under this scheme, you only pay for the energy you use. Ecotricity also offers the option to upgrade your prepayment meter to a smart meter, which will help you monitor your energy usage in more detail.

Professional review of Ecotricity

Ecotricity beat the traditional Big Six suppliers with an overall customer satisfaction score of 75%, ranking 7th in the Which? annual energy company survey. It scored highly on bill accuracy and clarity, also receiving praise for its initiatives towards sustainability. 

However, in terms of digital tools and value for money Ecotricity reviews reveal that the company still has some room to improve, since its green energy, especially Ecotricity green gas, comes at a slight premium when compared to other energy suppliers.

Ecotricity vs. Octopus

In terms of environmental sustainability, Ecotricity beats Octopus Energy, another competitor for the green title. As a smaller company with no dividends to declare, Ecotricity reinvests 100% of its profits into renewable energy projects. However, Octopus Energy has a higher customer service rating overall, and works out more economical in the long run.

Ecotricity Energy Mix

Ecotricity offer 100% renewable energy

Coal - 0%
Gas - 0%
Nuclear - 0%
Renewable - 100%
Other - 0%