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Sky Broadband

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Rated 5/5 based on over 680 reviews
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Latest offers from Sky Broadband in June 2022

Sky Broadband

Superfast Broadband + Sky TV + Anytime Calls

18 month contract + TV + Phone

59Mb / second

Average speed



£54.00 / month

£10 upfront fees

Sky Broadband

Superfast 35 Broadband

18 month contract Fibre + Phone

36Mb / second

Average speed



£30.50 / month

£9.95 upfront fees

Sky Broadband

Ultrafast Broadband

18 month contract Fibre + Phone

145Mb / second

Average speed



£35.00 / month

£9.95 upfront fees

Sky Broadband

Superfast Broadband + WIFI Guarantee

18 month contract Fibre + Phone

59Mb / second

Average speed



£30.00 / month

£0 upfront fees

Sky Broadband

Superfast Broadband + Anytime calls

18 month contract Fibre + Phone

59Mb / second

Average speed



£37.00 / month

£0 upfront fees

About Sky

Sky is one of the UK’s biggest telecoms companies, providing top-tier broadband, TV and phone services. The company has provided satellite TV services to the UK since the 1980s but entered the broadband market in 2005 and is now one of the country’s best recognised and most popular broadband providers. The only other broadband provider in the UK with more domestic customers than Sky Broadband is BT.

What Sky broadband packages are available?

Sky Broadband offers three tiers of internet package:

  • Sky Essential Broadband - This is the most basic Sky broadband package and uses an ADSL connection
  • Sky Superfast Broadband - This Sky broadband deal uses an FTTC connection.
  • Sky Ultrafast Broadband - Their top tier package uses and FTTP connection and offer's ultrafast broadband speeds (as the name suggests!). This is fast broadband, and can be recommended for large families or power users.

Just over half of the properties in the UK have access to fibre optic broadband cables, so use our postcode checker to see if you are able to get either of Sky's fibre offerings.

What’s great about Sky Broadband is that all broadband deals come with unlimited internet usage as standard. That means unlimited downloads and uploads, unmetered usage, and no traffic management.

All packages come with a Sky hub router, and you can get a Wifi Guarantee too - for £5 extra a month (or for free with Sky Broadband Boost subscription) you are guaranteed WiFi in every room of your house, or your money back.

Broadband only packages

If it's just an internet connection you're after (perhaps you have no need for a home phone or TV subscription package, or you're just happy with the service you've already got), then you can opt for any one of Sky's full-fibre broadband only deals, with speeds of up to 145Mbps.

However, Sky's basic fibre broadband deals may still require you to have a phone line installed to set up your connection. Use our postcode checker to see if Sky's full-fibre broadband packages are available where you live.

Broadband and Talk Packages

You can bundle together Sky Broadband services with Sky Talk, Sky’s phone contract services. These start from £28.99, and the price includes line rental.

As a customer, you have the option of choosing either a Pay-As-You-Go scheme, where you only pay for the calls you make, or one of Sky’s inclusive phone packages. See details of each offer to find the best one to suit your needs.

For an additional cost, you can install Sky Talk Shield, Sky’s personalised call-screening service, to protect against cold-callers and individual numbers.

Sky TV Packages

Sky TV is one of the most popular satellite TV services in the UK. With over 400 channels at your disposal in top-tier packages, and the very competitive Sky Cinema and Sky Sports, you can customise your own bundle to suit your viewing habits. All Sky Cinema and Sky Sports channels come in HD as standard, while a number of Sky Entertainment channels are also available in full-HD. You will, however, need an HD-ready TV or screen. Find out more with our guide on Sky HD TV

All bundles are fully customisable, and Sky even have some that are ready to purchase as they are. All of them come with Sky Go for free as standard, though you can purchase Sky Go Extra at an additional cost to be able to download on-the-go content. Here are some of the most popular bundles:

  • Original bundle: Allows access to 250+ channels, starting from a competitively low price of £22 per month.
  • Variety Bundle: Gives you even more channels, starting from £32 per month.
  • Box Sets: Access to kids channels, documentary channels, music and entertainment channels, over 50 channels in HD. This is slightly more expensive, starting from £38 per month.

You can purchase additional extras such as Sky Cinema, which includes a number of popular movie channels and on-demand services.

Also, for an added cost you could have access to Sky Sports, which shows a range of popular sports including live mnatches from the Barclays Premier League with news, highlights and expert analysis. The advantage of this is you can add Sky Sports to your TV package on short, flexible contracts. Please note that Sky Sports does not include BT Sport or ESPN.

TV, Broadband and Talk Bundles

These are fully customisable bundles that combine all the best of Sky TV, Sky Fibre and Talk, starting from £38 per month, with additional installation and delivery costs.

What speeds do Sky offer?

Sky offers three different broadband speed tiers to its customers. The below are all average speeds, and may vary slight depending on your location.

  • Sky Essential - 11Mbps average download speed, 1Mbps upload speed
  • Sky Superfast - 59 Mbps average download speed, 16 Mbps upload speed
  • Sky Ultrafast - 145 Mbps average download speed, 27 Mbps upload speed

For more details on which package and speed is right for you, read our Sky Broadband Review.

Can I get Sky Broadband in my area?

For the majority of its broadband pacakges, Sky uses the Openreach network to deliver internet to your home. This means it's available to around 96% of UK households, according to Ofcom. If you want one of Sky's ultrafast broadband deals, however, you may have less luck, as it's currently only available in 15.7% of UK homes, according to the provider. 

Check availability in your area with our broadband postcode checker.

What can I get with Sky TV?

Sky Q Box

The Sky Q box is Sky's most recent set-top box and allows you to pause, rewind and record over 1000 hours of live TV. You can record an entire series at the touch of a button, and can even record six shows simultaneously whilst watching a seventh. It is truly remarkable what it can do now!

For more details about this device, read our guide on Sky Q.

Sky Multiscreen

For an additional cost, you can purchase mini Sky Q boxes to attach to TVs around the house, so that everyone can watch the programmes they watch without having to fight over the remote.

Sky Entertainment

Sky Entertainment is the base package you sign up to when going with a new TV deal. It is also the most broad, with over 300 TV channels and catch-up TV.

For more details about this service, read our guide on Sky Entertainment.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is Sky's signature tv package, showing elite sports events from across the globe every day, including Premier League football, cricket, golf, and Formula 1.

For more details about this service, read our guide on Sky Sports.

Sky Cinema

Sky Cinema gives you access to 11 movie channels, showing the latest films available usually before they can be seen anywhere else on TV, and over 1,000 movies to watch on-demand.

For more details, read our guide on Sky Cinema.

Sky Atlantic

Sky Atlantic might only be a single channel, but it is where Sky's signature shows are all premiered. If you are looking for top tier, high budget television, look no further.

For more information, read our guide on Sky Atlantic.

Sky Go

Find yourself on the move often? Sky Go is a useful add-on to a TV subscription that allows you to access all your TV packages on your phone or tablet.

For more information, read our guide on Sky Go.

Frequently asked questions about Sky

Who can get Sky TV?

You must have a satellite dish installed in order to have Sky TV in your house. To be eligible for this, your property must have clear view of the south sky. To get all the benefits of on-demand TV, you will need to have a broadband connection too.

Am I protected with Sky Fibre?

Yes - Sky Broadband Shield is available to customers who wish to monitor and control the family’s online experience. It will also protect against phishing and malware infected sites. This is not included in the price of all bundles, so make sure to check if you want the protection.

What if I'm not happy with Sky broadband?

If you're currently a Sky broadband customer but you're unhappy with your service, you should consider switching to an alternative broadband provider. However, unless Sky has raised it's prices during the length of your contract, you may have to pay an early exit fee to switch if you're not near the end of your term. For more info, check out our guide pon how to cancel Sky broadband.

Do Sky have any Black Friday deals?

Yes they do. This year, Sky is offering its Superfast Broadband package at a cut price of just £25 per month. You can also find discounts on their Ultrafast and Ultrafast Plus packages. For more information, check out our page on Sky Broadband Black Friday deals..

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