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Rated 5/5 on Trustpilot based on over 680 reviews
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Rated 5/5 based on over 680 reviews
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Free and impartial

Free and impartial

Rated 4.9 / 5 on Google*

Rated 4.9 / 5 on Google*

Offers from over 15 providers

Offers from over 15 providers

Best Sky Broadband deals November 2020

About Sky

Sky is one of the UK’s biggest telecoms companies, providing top-tier broadband, TV and phone services. The company has provided satellite TV services to the UK since the 1980s but entered the broadband market in 2005 and is now one of the country’s best recognised and most popular broadband providers. Only BT has more domestic customers than Sky Broadband.

What does Sky offer?

Sky Broadband offers two types of broadband service: their ADSL broadband Essential deal and their superfast fibre broadband deals.

Just over half of the properties in the UK have access to fibre optic broadband cables, so use our postcode checker to see if you are eligible.

What’s great about Sky Broadband is that all broadband deals come with unlimited internet usage as standard. That means unlimited downloads and uploads, unmetered usage, and no traffic management.

Broadband and Talk Packages

You can bundle together Sky Broadband services with Sky Talk, Sky’s phone contract services. These start from £28.99, and the price includes line rental.

As a customer, you have the option of choosing either a Pay-As-You-Go scheme, where you only pay for the calls you make, or one of Sky’s inclusive phone packages. See details of each broadband deal to find the best one to suit your needs.

For an additional cost, you can install Sky Talk Shield, Sky’s personalised call-screening service, to protect against cold-callers and individual numbers.

Sky TV Packages

Sky TV is one of the most popular satellite TV services in the UK. With over 400 channels at your disposal in top-tier packages, and the very competitive Sky Cinema and Sky Sports (all available in HD), you can customise your own bundle to suit your viewing habits.

All bundles are fully customisable, and Sky even have some that are ready to purchase as they are. All of them come with Sky Go for free as standard, though you can purchase Sky Go Extra at an additional cost to be able to download on-the-go content. Here are some of the most popular bundles.

  • Original bundle: Allows access to 250+ channels, starting from a competitively low price of £22 per month.
  • Variety Bundle: Gives you even more channels, starting from £32 per month.
  • Box Sets: Access to kids channels, documentary channels, music and entertainment channels, over 50 channels in HD. This is slightly more expensive, starting from £38 per month.

You can purchase additional extras such as Sky Cinema, which includes a number of popular movie channels and on-demand services.

Also, for an added cost you could have access to Sky Sports, which shows a range of popular sports including live mnatches from the Barclays Premier League with news, highlights and expert analysis. The advantage of this is you can add Sky Sports to your TV package on short, flexible contracts. Please note that Sky Sports does not include BT Sport or ESPN.

Sky Q Box

Sky’s trademark Sky Q Box allows you to pause, rewind and record over 1000 hours of live TV. You can record an entire series at the touch of a button, and can even record six shows simultaneously whilst watching a seventh.

Sky Multiscreen

For an additional cost, you can purchase mini Sky Q boxes to attach to TVs around the house, so that everyone can watch the programmes they watch without having to fight over the remote.

Who can get Sky TV?

You must have a satellite dish installed in order to have Sky TV in your house. To be eligible for this, your property must have clear view of the south sky. To get all the benefits of on-demand TV, you will need to have a broadband connection too. Check availability in your area with our handy postcode checker.

TV, Broadband and Talk Bundles

These are fully customisable bundles that combine all the best of Sky TV, Sky Fibre and Talk, starting from £38 per month, with additional installation and delivery costs.

How fast is Sky Broadband?

Sky Broadband comes in three download speeds, which you can choose according to your needs:

  • Sky Essential Broadband: 11Mbps average speed
  • Sky Superfast Broadband: 59Mbps average speed
  • Sky Ultrafast Broadband: 145Mbps average speed

How much speed do I need?

The slower of the three, the 11Mbps Broadband Essential deal, is ideal for smaller households, and will be suitable for basic streaming and web browsing.

The Sky Superfast Broadband package averages at 59Mbps speed, which will be able to support HD streaming and gaming.

If you have a lot of people in the house who all want to surf the web independently, then the faster 145Mbps Ultrafast package might be best for you; being three times as fast, it opens up the possibility of more streaming, online gaming and browsing.

Sky Broadband Boost

For an extra £5 a month, Sky Broadband customers can sign up for Sky Broadband Boost. This service allows you to better manage your family’s screen time, offers more flexible access to engineer visits when you are experiencing problems, and with Sky’s Wi-Fi Guarantee, you are promised at least 3Mbps download speeds in every room of your home or your money back.

How long are the contracts?

All Sky Broadband packages come in 18-month contracts; if you wish to cancel Sky broadband before the contract finishes you will likely be subject to termination fees. There is also no line rental saver option, so you will need to purchase that separately if you require it.

If you’re switching broadband to Sky from an existing contract, then there’s no need to contact your old broadband provider to cancel. Sky will handle all of that hassle for you. Unless you’re switching from Virgin Media, in which case you will need to ring up Virgin and cancel your existing contract before taking up with Sky.

Am I protected with Sky Fibre?

Yes - Sky Broadband Shield is available to customers who wish to monitor and control the family’s online experience. It will also protect against phishing and malware infected sites. This is not included in the price of all bundles, so make sure to check if you want the protection.

Sky Broadband Installation

Setting up your Sky broadband connection should be easy, as long as you have a phone line connected to your home. If you want to bundle your broadband with Sky’s TV subscription services, however, you may need an engineer to come round to install a satellite dish.

Will I have to pay for installation?

Yes. All bundles require an additional one-off payment that goes towards the installation of your satellite dish or broadband hub. Standard installation fees vary depending on which Sky Broadband package you go for, but range between £19.95 and £39.95 for a one-off fee.

How long will the installation take?

Switching to Sky Broadband from another provider can take up to 2 weeks to be completed, assuming you already have a landline connection. However, if you’re setting up broadband at home for the first time and you need lines installed, the process can take up to 3 weeks.

Benefits of Sky Broadband

  • Good broadband speeds at reasonable prices.
  • Widely available fibre broadband deals.
  • TV bundles offer a wide range of channels to suit all tastes, some exclusive.
  • Sky Broadband Boost and Wi-Fi Guarantee perfect for larger homes.
  • Good customer service ratings.
  • Sky Broadband Shield means you can browse the internet securely.
  • Extensive parental control measures.

How to Contact Sky Broadband

If you are experiencing issues with your Sky Broadband connection or have any other queries, you can contact Sky’s customer service team directly at 0333 7591 018.

Alternatives to Sky Broadabnd

If Sky Broadband isn’t for you, there are a number of other providers that might be:

Our latest Sky Broadband deals

*Rated 4.9 / 5 by 19 reviews on Google