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Sky Gigafast Broadband

Get lightning fast, gigabit-capable speeds with Sky’s latest broadband offering.

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What is Sky Gigafast?

Sky Gigafast is the provider’s latest, and fastest, broadband connection. It offers impressive average download speeds of 900Mbps - enough for even the biggest households of avid gamers and other heavy internet users. In fact, there’s not many providers that can beat these speeds, apart from perhaps Virgin Media.

It’s average upload speeds of 100Mbps are also the fastest that Sky currently offers. But while this might not seem like much when compared to the average download speed, this should be more than enough for most people.

It will currently set you back £55 per month (prices may change during contract term), which for a broadband-only package, certainly isn’t cheap. But when you consider the lightning-fast speeds, and then compare it to similar deals from other providers, you’ll soon work out that it’s not so much of a bad deal after all.

Sky Broadband

Gigafast Broadband

18 month contract Fibre

900Mb / second

Average speed



£41.00 / month

£0 upfront fees

Pricing may change during contract Info


What can I add to Sky Gigafast?

Just like any other Sky broadband deal, there’s a wide range of TV bundles you can choose from to add to your service. This includes basic Sky TV, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, and more.

One of the best valued of these bundle deals is the Sky Gigafast Broadband + Sky TV deal, in which you get blisteringly fast speeds as well as Sky Signature, all for just £66 per month (prices may change during contract term):


Can I get Sky Gigafast in my area?

Unfortunately, Sky Gigafast isn’t available across the whole of the UK yet. This is because it uses Openreach’s full fibre network, which is still in development. Currently, it is estimated that only around a quarter of the UK has access to Sky Gigafast. To see if you’re eligible where you are, simply pop your postcode into our broadband comparison tool, and filter your search by ‘Sky’.

How does Sky Gigafast compare to alternatives?

Since Virgin Media first launched its gigabit-capable broadband in 2019, many other providers have followed suit, meaning Sky is by no means alone in offering these ground-breaking speeds.

Let’s take a look at how Sky Gigafast Broadband stacks up against its rivals:

Deal Download Speed Contract Length Monthly Cost (prices may change during contract term)
Sky Gigafast Broadband 900Mbps 18 months £53 See deal
Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre Broadband Only 1,130Mbps 18 months £60 See deal
Community Fibre 1 Gbps Fibre Broadband 920Mbps 24 months £25 See deal
BT Full Fibre 900 910Mbps 24 months £53.99 See deal
Vodafone Pro Gigafast 900 910Mbps 24 months £58 See deal
Hyperoptic Fast 1Gbps Broadband only 900Mbps 24 months £30 See deal
EE Fibre Max 900 900Mbps 24 months £50 See deal
TalkTalk Future Fibre 900 900Mbps 18 months £49 See deal
Gigaclear Hyperfast 900 with Smart WiFi 900Mbps 18 months £49 See deal

Prices correct as of August 2022.