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Broadband for Older Users

Older people often have different internet habits than younger generations - find a deal that suits your specific needs.

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Rated 5/5 based on over 680 reviews
Broadband for Older Users

Airband Broadband

Broadband Unlimited + Free Netflix

24 month contract Fibre

Free 12-month Netflix subscription

40Mb / second

Average speed



£24.99 / month

£99 upfront fees

BT Broadband


24 month contract + Phone

10Mb / second

Average speed



£27.99 / month

£0 upfront fees

Hyperoptic Broadband

Fast 150Mbps Broadband + Phone (Rolling contract)

1 month contract Fibre + Phone

150Mb / second

Average speed



£34.00 / month

£29 upfront fees

Virgin Media Broadband

M350 Fibre Broadband + Phone

18 month contract Fibre + Phone

362Mb / second

Average speed



£40.00 / month

£35 upfront fees

Vodafone Broadband

Pro Superfast 2 Xtra

24 month contract Fibre + Phone

67Mb / second

Average speed



£41.50 / month

£0 upfront fees

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Helpful information on broadband for elderly users

Find out more about how to get the right deal, and how to make best use of your internet connection as an older user.

Why should elderly people get broadband?

Although the thought of using the internet may be intimidating to older people, it can also provide great opportunities. The internet can allow older people to become more connected to their friends and family using email, social media or Skype.

What do older people need from their broadband?


Elderly people may want an internet connection with limited data if they primarily go online to send emails or look up information as opposed to streaming the latest Netflix series. Alternatively, if they want to stream music or download films then an unlimited package may be more suitable. Our guide on whether older users need unlimited broadband will help you work out which camp you fall in.


Whilst most customers will consider price when they compare broadband packages, this may be of particular concern to an older person who is no longer working and instead drawing their pension.

Good customer service

Elderly people who aren’t familiar with using the internet will want a reliable customer service to fall back on in case they encounter any problems.

Line rental

Staying in touch with friends and family is vitally important, especially for older people, so finding a broadband package with an affordable line rental and call plan should be a priority for elderly customers. First, make sure any broadband deal you choose includes line rental, as a growing number of providers are offering broadband only plans. You should also look for packages that offer inclusive or free anytime calls. And if you watch a lot of TV, look out for broadband, phone and TV bundles.


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Which providers offer the best broadband packages for the elderly?

Some broadband providers offer packages designed to suit the needs of older people:


BT’s basic package is only available to people on certain benefits such as the state pension. This offers access to the internet at a hugely reduced cost of less than £10 a month. However, customers should be aware that your download limit is capped at 12GB a month and you will have to pay excess charges once you’ve reached your allowance.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s Talk Protected package is an exclusive offer available to older customers. In fact, anybody over the age of 65 will have the Talk Protected plan added to their broadband and home phone package automatically. It offers frozen line rental costs for the duration of your time with the provider, including free calls on evenings and weekends - perfect for staying in touch with family and friends. Disabled customers are also eligible for the Talk Protected plan.


TalkTalk offers a basic 18-month package free of any set up fees. This package comes with unlimited data so there is no potential for excess charges. It also comes with extras such as unlimited landline calls.


For more information on internet service providers and how they compare to each other, head over to our page on the best and worst broadband providers of 2021

What to look out for when comparing broadband packages for the elderly

When your compare internet deals for the elderly, you should look at whether your package will include other services an older person may want. For example, many older people use landline phones, so a broadband and phone package which offers landline services as part of the package might be the most suitable. You will also want to consider whether the package includes TV as bundling your broadband and TV services together in one package can often turn out much cheaper.

Last reviewed: 02 December 2021

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