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Do I need unlimited data as an older user?

Do I need unlimited data as an older user?

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Last updated: 21 May 2021

Most internet packages include unlimited usage theses days, but you can still find discount deals that have a cap. Whether you need unlimited data or not as an older user depends on what you use the internet for. 

What is unlimited data?

When you use the internet, every action you do uses a quantity of data.  This is measured in megabytes (MB). For example, loading a web pages uses 3MB of data; sending a picture uses 2MB.  

In the past, broadband packages would have a cap on how much data you could use as part of your deal. When you reached capacity, your connection would either be cut off or you would be charged an additional rate for every extra MB of data you used.

But due to the ubiquity of the internet, almost all broadband deals come with unlimited data these days, so you’ll never have to worry about over-consuming. However, some providers offer a data limit for a cheaper rate instead. Your allowance will be given in gigabytes (GB), which is 1000 MB.

What are the disadvantages of capped data?

If you choose to go for a capped data allowance, then should you surpass your limit, you’ll be charged a ‘pay-as-you-go’ type rate for every MB you consume, which will be considerably more expensive. That means that every time you open a new webpage, it could cost you a few pence extra or more – which quickly adds up!

Therefore, with data limits you must ensure you keep on top of your usage to avoid being charged extra. In truth, that can be somewhat of a pain.

Do I need unlimited data as an older user?

Whether or not you need unlimited data depends on how you use the internet.

For general browsing, checking emails or paying bills, then you could get away with a limited allowance as these activities use very little data by themselves.

On the other hand, if you’d like to use the internet for video-calling family or watching catch-up TV then you need unlimited data.

While some broadband packages for pensioners do offer very cheap rates for capped data, unless you rarely use the internet, without a doubt you’re better off getting an unlimited data allowance. This will allow you to use the internet to your heart’s content and not have to worry about a nasty bill at the end of the month.  


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