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Sky Multiscreen

Sometimes, having all the entertainment you could want in one room just isn’t enough. Luckily, if you’re a Sky customer, your whole family can watch their favourite shows in separate rooms, thanks to Sky Multiscreen.

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What is Sky Multiscreen?

Much like it sounds, Sky Multiscreen gives you the option to enjoy your subscription on more than one TV in your home. This can even be done at the same time, meaning there’s no need for scheduling who's going to watch what when. 

Previous iterations of Sky’s offering had required a new Sky box for each room. Multiscreen, however, provides you with a separate Sky Mini Box at a reduced rate. When this connects to your main Sky Q box via WiFi, it gives you access to all the channels and catch-up services included in your package.

Do Multiscreen boxes work the same as Sky Q boxes?

Not entirely. As the secondary devices are essentially piggybacking off the Sky Q box, there are some differences.

For example, you can’t record anything on Mini Boxes, but you are able to watch shows you’ve recorded on the Sky Q Box. They also won’t work unless the main box is plugged in and working, although it doesn’t actually have to be switched on.

How many Sky Q Mini Boxes can I have?

The standard offering gives you one additional Sky Q Mini Box. However, that doesn’t mean you need to stop there.

Should you require TV in more rooms, you can add additional boxes to your package, with four being the limit. However, only three can be working at the same time, so you might question whether having four is actually worth it.

How much does Sky Multiscreen cost?

While it is often discounted as part of various deals, it’s standalone offering comes in at £12 a month.

Things start getting more expensive if you want to add additional boxes, however. Every Mini Box you want to add to your arsenal, will set you back a flat rate of £99. This won’t affect the monthly cost.