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Important info

Co-op Energy's more than 300,000 customers were taken on by Octopus Energy in August 2019, although it still supplies energy under its brand name.

Co-op Energy summary

Co-op Energy has partnered with Octopus Energy, committing to fairly priced and competitive services built on strong community values. To summarise: 

  • Co-op Energy offers simple and easy to understand tariffs with no exit fees (even for fixed rate contracts)
  • It is known for responsive and helpful customer service.
  • It supplies energy from 100% renewable resources, including a unique community generated power plan.
  • The company balances strong ethical values with excellent customer service.

Co-op Energy company profile

Co-op gas and electric customers now receive their energy supply from Octopus Energy, after it was acquired by the brand in 2019. Part of the Midcounties Co-operative which is the largest independent co-operative in the UK, Co-op aims to provide affordable energy to its customers from 100% renewable sources.

Co-op Energy Gas and Electric tariffs

Co-op Energy offers three basic energy plans; a fixed-rate tariff, a variable tariff, as well as a one of a kind tariff that is powered by community-generated energy. Any of these tariffs can are available as dual fuel tariffs, with standard or smart meter options.

Co-op Fixed rate tariff

A regular fixed rate tariff that ties you to fixed energy rates for a period of 12 months, this plan offers you greater protection in case of energy price fluctuations. What is especially appealing is that unlike many fixed rate tariffs, the Co-op does not charge any exit fee, which means you can leave the deal at any time without having to pay.

Co-op Variable tariff

The default variable tariff offered by the Co-op is relatively expensive compared to its other tariffs, since the prices fluctuate with wholesale market energy prices. However, the company will still give you 30 days’ notice before increasing your rates, which, when combined with no exit fees, gives you added freedom to switch suppliers if required.

Co-op Community Power

The first ever energy tariff in the UK that is entirely powered by community sourced energy, the Community Power plan is quite popular among the customers of Co-op Energy. It is also a fixed rate tariff for a duration of 12 months, with no exit fees. However, the difference is that the energy supplied under this tariff is sourced through purchase agreements with smaller local energy suppliers that generate power from renewable resources.

Co-op energy customer reviews

In the annual Which? customer survey of energy companies, Co-operative Energy finished 9th out of 35 suppliers which is higher than it has ever been in years. This is probably attributed to its recent partnership with Octopus Energy, known for its exemplary customer service.

Customers are extremely happy with the Co-op energy customer service. Reviews mention its excellent support, bill accuracy and clarity, while also praising its initiatives towards sustainability. The only area where it can improve is in its use of digital tools, mainly since Co-op Energy does not offer a mobile app that allows customers to manage their accounts remotely.

Co-op Energy fuel mix

Co-op Energy is 100% renewable

Coal - 0%
Gas - 0%
Nuclear - 0%
Renewable - 100%
Other - 0%