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Plusnet Broadband

About Plusnet

PlusNet have become synonymous with cheap broadband and phone packages, they may not be the most readily available option, but they are without a doubt one of the post cost effective.

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What does Plusnet offer?

With Plusnet you will receive a simple broadband service. They offer a range of speeds from basic broadband to high speed fibre optic, so will be suitable for most internet requirements. They are also one of the few providers where you can get broadband deals without having to rent a phone line as well.


Plusnet offer a wide range of Broadband and fibre optic speeds, ranging from 17 to 76Mb there will be something for all internet users. Plusnet also offer unlimited usage on all packages, so you won’t have to worry about going over and incurring excess charges. If you play online games you will benefit from Plusnet’s traffic management policy, which put a priority on any time-sensitive activities.


Plusnet are one of the few broadband providers where you do not need to rent a phone line as part of a broadband deal. That being said they do offer phone packages as well, ranging from pay as you go services to all inclusive deals.


Plusnet also offer a wide range of different packages for business, they offer the same speeds but with different add-ons and features. These include the option of a static IP address, web domains and email addresses and technical support.

Perks and Fees


  • Options for broadband only internet
  • Special services for businesses
  • UK based customer service centre
  • Plusnet offer the following types of tariff

Will I have to pay for installation?

Plusnet do have varying installation fee’s depending on which package you decide to go for. Some of the more basic offerings come free, but you with some options you will have to pay as much as £50 for a set-up fee.

Will I have to pay for phone rental?

Not if you don’t want to as they offer a broadband only package, however if you do opt for a phone line the cost is included in the price of your broadband deal.

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