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How to cancel Plusnet broadband

Unhappy with your Plusnet broadband deal? Find out how to cancel your contract and find a new plan from a different provider

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Plusnet broadband: How to cancel

Whether your contract is coming to an end or you are simply unhappy with your service, it may be time to cancel your Plusnet broadband. Read on to learn how to avoid cancellation costs, and how to find the broadband provider that suits your needs.

When does my contract end?

If you are considering cancelling your broadband, it is important to know when your contract ends.

Plusnet contracts usually last for 12 or 18 months. It is easiest to check your copy of the contract to find out when your deal ends.

You can also use Plusnet’s online live chat function (this is currently offline due to Covid-19) or call 0800 432 0200. You will need your account details ready.

How do I cancel Plusnet Broadband?

It is easiest to switch to another Openreach broadband provider. You won’t even need to contact Plusnet. Simply find a new provider and they will handle it for you. Allow 14 days for your broadband switch.

If you are cancelling outright, or switching to a non-Openreach provider like Virgin Media you will need to contact Plusnet. You can call on 0808 169 2448.

Or you can send a letter to:

Plusnet plc

The Balance

2 Pinfold St. Sheffield

S1 2GU

including your intention to cancel, your name and telephone number, the address of your broadband service and you account number. Plusnet provides a cancellation form with these fields.

Plusnet only requires 14 days notice for cancellations, much shorter than most providers.

Cancellation Fees

If you are still in a contract with Plusnet you will have to pay a termination fee to end it early. The process is the same but you will be charged a fee for each month remaining on your contract.

Plusnet Broadband Package Charge per Month
Plusnet Unlimited Broadband £11.85
Plusnet Fibre Broadband £9.46
Plusnet Fibre Extra £9.63

You will also need to return your router and TV box. Plusnet will provide free postage-paid packaging. If you fail to return your equipment you may be charged.

Further information on Plusnet's early termination charges is available on its website. 

Find a New Broadband Provider

If you are thinking of cancelling it is a good idea to look for a new provider first. You want to make sure you aren’t left without the broadband connection you need.

Comparing broadband deals with usave is the easiest way to find the right broadband deal for you. We help you compare price and speed as well as the optional extras some companies provide. This means you can find the best broadband deal available for your internet use.


Can I cancel my broadband if Plusnet raises the prices?

Thanks to a ruling by Ofcom you are entitled to cancel your broadband package if your provider raises the cost mid-contract.

Plusnet have committed to no in-contract price hikes so this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if Plusnet do raise your prices you can leave your contract within 30 days of being notified, without paying a fee.

Can I cancel my broadband if it’s too slow?

Plusnet have signed up to Ofcom’s broadband speed code of practice. This means you have a right to leave if they are unable to deliver a minimum speed.

You will have to speak to customer support to confirm your line is underperforming. If Plusnet are unable to resolve your issues then you will be able to end your contract without paying early termination charges.