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Plusnet broadband review

Is Plusnet right for you?

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Is Plusnet any good?

The good: The bad:
Low-cost broadband deals Maximum download speed of just 66Mbps
No set-up fees No TV bundles
Get Plusnet Reward cards No free calls included as standard
Highly rated, UK-based customer service Basic router with ADSL deals
Get discounts for referrals Can be more expensive in certain areas
Widespread UK coverage No public Wi-Fi hotspots
Range of contract lengths
Truly unlimited broadband

Plusnet has made a name for itself as an affordable broadband provider. But do their speeds live up to their competitors, and what offers do they have available? Read on to learn what Plusnet has to offer.

Speed: How fast is Plusnet Broadband?

Plusnet uses the Openreach network meaning its speeds are fairly consistent with other Openreach broadband providers.

Plusnet’s upload speeds are marginally faster than some of its competitors. This can be a real bonus if you regularly upload content to the internet. If you habitually live stream, or use online gaming platforms but want to save money, Plusnet might be a good option.

Plusnet's broadband packges currently comes in three levels: Unlimited Broadband, Unlimited Fibre, and Unlimited Fibre Extra.

Unlimited Broadband is Plusnet's entry-level broadband deal, offering average download speeds of 10Mbps and an average upload speed of 1Mbps. This is a basic ADSL connection, and should only really be considered if you can't access fibre where you are. 

Plusnet Broadband

Unlimited Broadband

12 month contract + Phone

£65 Plusnet Reward Card

10Mb / second

Average speed



£18.99 / month

£0 upfront fees


Unlimited Fibre is the next level up, offering improved average download speeds of 36Mbps and upload speeds of 9Mbps. These speeds should be enough for small to medium-size households who like to stream the occasional film on Netflix. 

Plusnet Broadband

Unlimited Fibre

18 month contract Fibre + Phone

£60 Plusnet Reward Card

36Mb / second

Average speed



£22.99 / month

£0 upfront fees


Unlimited Fibre Extra is Plusnet's top-level superfast fibre package, offering an average download speed of 66Mbps and upload speeds of 18Mbps. This package would be more suited to larger households or online gamers. 

Plusnet Broadband

Unlimited Fibre Extra

18 month contract Fibre + Phone

£60 Plusnet Reward Card

66Mb / second

Average speed



£24.99 / month

£0 upfront fees


Price: How much does Plusnet Broadband cost?

Plusnet offer some reasonably priced broadband deals. They also offer a no contract service for their ADSL Unlimited Broadband. This is more expensive than their 18 month deal with £50 setup costs and £23.99 a month.

Let's see how Plusnet's prices stack up against some of its rivals:

Deals Plusnet price BT equivalent package price Sky equivalent package price Virgin Media equivalent package price TalkTalk equivalent package price
Unlimited Broadband (10Mbps) £18.99 £30.99 £30 N/A £24.95
Unlimited Fibre (36Mbps) £22.99 £27.99 N/A N/A £22
Unlimited Fibre Extra (66Mbps) £25.99 £31.99 £28 £28 £29

*Prices correct as of 11/08/2021.

Plusnet use geographical pricing for 1% of the UK. Their headline prices will be true for most but are not always accurate. Use usave’s broadband comparison tool to find out what Plusnet costs in your area.

Exit fees are charged per month remaining on your contract if you choose to terminate early.

What makes Plusnet stand out?

Plusnet has a number of benefits of a low-cost broadband provider:

  • Plusnet TV package available for Plusnet broadband customers
    • YouView box or YouView+
    • BT Sport Lite
    • Selection of premium channels and Freeview
  • Home phone services include calls to mobiles
    • Evening, weekend and mobile calls £4 a month
    • Unlimited UK and mobile £8 a month
    • Anytime international £8 a month
  • Security
    • All Plusnet broadband comes with Plusnet SafeGuard
    • Site blocking and parental controls
    • Option to add Plusnet Protect for virus protection on up to 8 devices
  • Reward cards sometimes come with fixed term contracts
    • £50 for ADSL
    • £75 for fibre optic
  • Unlimited means unlimited

Tech: Installation and Equipment

Installation usually takes around 14 days.

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband customers will receive a basic router. Plusnet fibre customers receive a slightly improved router very similar to the BT Home Hub. This means your compatible gadgets will get a faster connection.

It is easy to set up your router at home and you won’t usually need an engineer to visit.

If you do not have an active phone line an engineer will need to install one. This can cost £49.99.

Customer Experience: how is Plusnet rated by customers?

Plusnet is usually rated average or below by customers.

As of June 2020 its Trustpilot ratings were 83% “Bad” and only 6% “Excellent”.

The majority of negative reviews concern the actual broadband service, customers complain that they do not receive the speeds advertised.

Customer service was previously their highest rated quality, but seems to have fallen in recent years.

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