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Apple and Orange offer free films every Thursday

Apple and Orange have joined up to offer some of the mobile and broadband giant's customers a free film every Thursday.

Anyone on Orange Home Broadband as well as most mobile punters will be able to grab a free iTunes download via a redemption code which can be grabbed by texting FILMTOGO to 85060 or by using a dedicated Orange Film To Go mobile app.

Downloaded films, the first batch of which includes The Wrestler, Ghost and Che Part One, can be viewed on any device capable of running iTunes, including Macs, PCs and all the usual Apple portable devices.

Orange is warning customers not to download the movie files using their 3G connections as that will inevitably lead to a massive data bill. And they wouldn't want that to happen, would they?

Once downloaded, the films will be available to start viewing for 30 days, and you can watch them over as many sessions as you like or as many times as you can within 48 hours of hitting the play button.

The fruity coalition says a standard definition film will take 18 to 24 minutes to download on a 5Mbps line while HD versions will keep the same connection busy for 54 to 72 minutes.

Mobile-wielding under 13s will miss out on the offer because they aren't old enough to get an iTunes account, which you will need to sign up for to get the freebies.

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