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British Gas Energy is the biggest supplier in the UK. Although there is room for improvement in their customer service and efficiency, there are some reasons to consider this supplier. To summarise:


  • Wide range of tariffs and plans available depending on your needs.
  • Tariffs tend to be on the higher side.
  • Established supplier with nationwide coverage.
  • British Gas reviews include complaints about responsiveness and customer service.

About British Gas

1997 saw the launch of what would grow to be one of the biggest energy suppliers in the United Kingdom - none other than British Gas, a subsidiary of the Centrica Group. From its humble beginnings as British Gas Services Limited and New Heating Limited, this energy supplier has firmly established itself as one of the Big Six energy providers in the UK, with around 27% of the market share for domestic gas supply. Today, its customer base of 12 million households speaks for itself, and it is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the domestic energy sector.

What do British Gas’ gas and other energy deals offer?

Whether you are looking for energy deals or home services, British Gas has everything you need to manage a home. Apart from offering a wide range of tariffs, British Gas also has certain signup offers, making it an appealing option for household energy. We have broken down two of the most British Gas deals below


HomeEnergy Fix

One of the most popular fixed tariff plans from British Gas, you can rest assured that your energy prices will not fluctuate wildly under this plan. In fact, energy prices under this plan are guaranteed to remain steady until January 2022. What’s more 100% of your energy use under this tariff will be matched with renewable electricity on behalf of British Gas. While the tariff has an exit fee of £30, you may still choose it for its reliability.


Green Future

British Gas’ best green energy tariff is also a fixed plan, but with a few marked differences. For one, apart from matching 100% of your electricity usage, British Gas will also match 6% of your gas usage with energy generated from renewable sources. Additionally, British Gas commits to offsetting your gas carbon footprint from 94% of the gas used under this tariff, and growing 5 trees in the UK for every year you are on the tariff.

British Gas energy fuel mix

It's important to know where your supplier gets their energy from:

Coal - 11%
Gas - 35%
Nuclear - 10%
Renewable - 40%
Other - 4%

What are British Gas's customer reviews like?

Although a big supplier, British Gas reviews lean towards the negative side. The behemoth ranked only 27th out of 35 suppliers in the Which? annual survey of energy suppliers, with three out of five stars on bill accuracy, clarity and customer service, and two out of five in value for money.  On Trustpilot, British Gas has an average review of 3.6 out of 5 stars based on 49,717 customer reviews.


Many customers of British Gas have felt that their complaints were not handled effectively and that they were not getting commensurate service for what they paid for. In fact, British Gas’ market share has slowly been eroding over the years, paving the way for younger start-ups in the energy space to take over.