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EON Energy is definitely a company to consider for your energy needs, especially if you are looking for a reasonably priced tariff while having the comfort of opting for a more well-known supplier. EON energy is known for:


  • A decent range of good value-for-money tariffs
  • EON reviews indicate that it is one of the better ranking Big Six providers.
  • An easy switching process and efficient response from engineers.
  • Some issues have been reported with smart meter installations.

Who are Eon Energy?

Owned by German company EON SE, EON Energy is one of the largest energy providers in the UK. They own biomass plants, wind farms and electricity generators which are all part of their energy production. After gaining around 50,000 customers last year alone, their customer base increased to 4.3 million. When it comes to their technology, EON is taking steps towards becoming more sustainable, and sells solar panels and home batteries along with smart meters and electric vehicles. EON tariffs are competitively priced vis-à-vis the Big Six suppliers.

What do Eon's gas and electric tariffs offer?

EON Energy offers a wide variety of energy deals, allowing you to choose between fixed tariffs, variable tariffs, smart meters and prepayment plans. What’s more, their tariffs are priced quite reasonably as compared to other “Big Six” Energy suppliers. Two of the most popular EON tariffs are:

Fixed Online Tariff

This is an exclusively online tariff that with a term of up to a year. Paying by monthly direct debit gets you a discount. What’s more, you can also opt for boiler cover with an additional 25% off. Your account can be managed fully online, and the tariff includes the installation of a smart meter, in case you don’t already have one. However, exit fees are pretty costly at £60, if you plan on changing suppliers.

 EON EnergyPlan

EON’s standard variable tariff offers you greater flexibility, since you pay no exit fees for switching. You also get a discount if you choose to pay by direct debit. However, prices for this tariff are not fixed, so you may end up spending more than you bargained for energy. You can also opt for a similar tariff on a Pay-As-You-Go plan.

E.ON energy fuel mix

It's important to know where your supplier gets their energy from:

Coal - 14%
Gas - 41%
Nuclear - 11%
Renewable - 29%
Other - 4%

EON Energy’s customer reviews

EON Energy came a joint 24th out of 35 suppliers reviewed by Which?’s annual customer survey. It shared the spot along with E and SSE. It ranked a good four out of five stars on bill accuracy and complaint handling. However, it only earned three stars on bill clarity, digital tools, customer service and value for money.


On Trustpilot, EON Energy has 3.8 out of 5 stars, based on approximately 17,260 reviews. Many of EON’s reviews mentioned a smooth installation process and good communication with customer service. However, on the flip side, they have been criticised for unclear billing and poor digital service.