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About E.ON

E.ON is one of the largest energy providers in the country, providing power and heating to around 5 million homes.

Known previously as Powergen, E.ON changed their name in 2007 in line with their new product Go Green which meant a greater focus on gaining energy from more renewable sources. As well as being one of the largest providers of energy in the country, E.ON is also one of the biggest generators with a wide range of power stations, biomass plants and wind farms at their disposal.

  • Excellent customer service with a recent survey indicating 80% customer satisfaction
  • Simple single sheet tariffs make offers easier to understand
  • Easy to use app allows you to manage your account from your phone
  • Part of the smart meter rollout
  • Great prizes and rewards for customers

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Emergency (gas) – 0800 111 999

Prepayment meter queries – 0345 303 3040

Smart pay as you go queries – 0345 366 5996

Feed-in tariff queries – 0345 301 4884

Bill queries – 0333 202 4762

E.ON's Energy Mix

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