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OVO Energy is a perfect choice for environmentally conscious customers. One of the top 10 ranked energy suppliers in the UK, OVO Energy is known for:


  • A wide variety of reasonably priced and easy-to-understand green energy deals without hidden charges.
  • Providing access to renewable energy and smart home products aimed towards improving sustainability.
  • OVO Energy reviews mention that customer service is friendly and efficient.
  • Clear bills that help customers understand their carbon footprint.

OVO Energy company introduction

One of the greenest energy suppliers in the UK market, OVO Energy offers 100% renewable electricity as a standard for all its customers. In fact, OVO aims to be a totally carbon neutral energy supplier by 2030, a goal that it will achieve by procuring its energy from renewable sources, as well as offsetting carbon use by planting more trees.

OVO Energy fuel mix

It's important to know where your supplier gets their energy from:

Coal - 0%
Gas - 35%
Nuclear - 0%
Renewable - 65%
Other - 0%

What do Ovo Energy's gas and electric tariffs offer?

Contrary to popular belief that green energy tariffs are expensive, OVO Energy tariffs aim to offer green energy at affordable prices. Some of their most popular tariffs are:

Better Smart Tariff

The lowest priced green tariff from OVO, this is a fixed tariff of 12 months which allows you to upgrade for free to a smart meter, in case you don’t have one already. You can also participate in the OVO Interest Rewards Program, which lets you earn 3% on your energy credit balance in the first year of your contract, and 4% and 5% in the second year and the following years respectively. There is an exit fee of £30 that applies to this contract, in case you wish to switch early.


Simpler Energy Tariff

For greater flexibility, you can opt for the variable Simpler Energy Tariff, which works on a flexible rolling contract. Energy prices are not fixed under this tariff, so you might end up paying more or less depending on the wholesale price of energy. However, on the upside, you can still participate in the OVO Interest Rewards program; plus, you don’t have to pay exit fees on this contract.

Ovo Energy's customer reviews

OVO Energy ranks 9th out of 35 suppliers in the Which? annual customer satisfaction survey of energy suppliers. OVO Energy’s reviews mention their easy-to-read and helpful bills, their exemplary customer service, as well as their competitive tariffs.


While not the cheapest suppliers on the market, customers have applauded OVO Energy Tariffs, saying that the OVO Interest Rewards program helped to offset the price of household energy. On Trustpilot, OVO Energy scored 4.5 out of 5 out of 39,554 reviews, with customers calling out their good customer service and handy mobile app.