Scottish Power

Scottish Power was founded in 2009 and supplies electricity and gas to Scotland, Merseyside and North Wales.

About Scottish Power

As well supplying energy to customers, they also supply it to the grid. Scottish Power is currently part of the Spanish Iberdrola group, which is a global energy organisation and the world leader in providing renewable wind energy. They currently provide power to over 5 and half million customers across Scotland and England and own PPM Energy which operates in the United States.

  • Largest generator of wind energy
  • Committed to various charities
  • Well established company
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    Get in Touch:
  • General – 0800 027 0072
  • Business – 0800 040 7002
  • Boiler maintenance – 0800 001 5214
  • Tariff enquiries – 0800 001 5156
Scottish Power Energy Mix

It's important to know where your supplier gets their energy from:

Coal 7%
Gas 57%
Nuclear 6%
Renewable 28%
Other 2%