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If you are on the lookout for an affordable smart meter provider, then Utilita Energy will definitely meet your needs. To summarise their key benefits: 

  • Leading providers of smart meters and pay-as-you-go (prepayment) plans
  • No standing charges on any of their tariffs
  • Smart meter installation and easy switching process
  • Environmentally friendly tariffs and plans for every budget
  • Quick and efficient customer service with shops that are easy to locate

Who is Utilita?

The leading domestic energy supplier for prepayment (pay-as-you-go) smart meter plans, Utilita claims to offer simple tariffs and competitive prices for its products. They’re growing fast – since their inception in 2013, the company has grown to gain over 780,000 customers, and has launched “energy hubs” in three leading cities where customers can interact with staff face-to-face. Utilita also recently launched Utilita Mobile, a telecom company that offers Pay-as-you-go SIM deals.

What do Utilita’s gas and electric tariffs offer?

Utilita’s key advantage is that every customer who opts for a Utilita gas and electricity tariff gets a free smart meter, which can help you understand and monitor your energy usage better. The meter also informs you about your remaining balance and estimates when you will need to top up.

Utilita’s tariffs include gas and electricity charges as well as installation charges for smart meters. Another major benefit is that Utilita is one of the only energy suppliers to have no standing charges, which means that you only pay for the energy that you use.  

Utilita offers a wide range of home energy products designed for households who are conscious of their energy budgets. Their tariffs vary from area to area. However, their two most common tariffs are: 

Smart Energy Tariff

A popular tariff that includes gas and electricity services, the Smart Energy tariff rewards you for lower consumption. This is because you will pay different Unit (kWh) Rates depending on your energy consumption – specifically, you pay a higher rate for up to 2 kWh of consumption per day, but switch to a lower rate when you use less energy than this. Unit rates also vary depending on whether you opt for a prepayment or a direct debit mode of payment.

Premium Energy Tariff

Much like the Smart Energy Tariff, the Premium Energy tariff applies a high unit rate only for the first kWh of energy used daily, and the saver rate for the rest of the energy usage through the day. This tariff applies to households that do not have smart meters.

Utilita Energy’s customer reviews

Utilita may be one of the best providers for smart meters, but when it comes to energy, it ranked 20 out of 35 in the most recent Which? customer satisfaction survey. Customers were happy with their service team and bill accuracy. However, when it came to usage of digital tools, and value for money, it did not score very well, showing that there was some room for improvement.

Utilita Energy fuel mix

Utilita's fuel mix is as follows:

Coal - 10.8%
Gas - 56.8%
Nuclear - 17.1%
Renewable - 11.7%
Other - 3.6%