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10GB of data - How much is it and how long does it last?

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Last updated: 05 August 2022

If you’re looking for a new mobile phone deal, one of the most important factors to consider other than the cost is the amount of mobile data on offer. With the vast majority of SIM only plans coming with unlimited minutes and texts, mobile data allowances are one of the easiest ways to differentiate between deals. 

Getting too much data will mean you’re overpaying for a service you don’t even use, while getting too little can mean you get cut off from the internet or have to pay for costly data add-ons. 

One of the most common data allowances that UK mobile networks offer is 10GB per month. But how much is that exactly? And how long will it last? We’ve put this short guide together to help you find out.

What is 10GB?

10GB stands for 10 gigabytes, which is equivalent to 10,000 megabytes. These terms are not to be confused with gigabits and megabits, which are used to measure download speeds, for example 67Mbps. Fore more information, head over to our guide on the difference between a bit and a byte.

How much is 10GB of mobile data?

Many mobile network providers in the UK offer SIM only plans with 10GB of data per month, including big name brands like O2 and BT Mobile. Prices start at just £7 a month on a 12-month contract from the likes of iD Mobile, but can go as high as £15 a month from BT Mobile or O2.

Compare some of the following 10GB mobile deals:

3 month 10GB deals

While rolling monthly deals, 12-month and 24-month SIM-only contracts are the norm, a small number of providers offer 3-month plans. Currently, the only network provider that offer 3 month 10GB data plans is IQ Mobile, which also offers unlimited calls and texts, for £15. See deal

12 month 10GB deals

2 network providers currently offer 10GB data plans on a 12-month SIM only contract - iD Mobile and O2. 

Provider Calls and texts Monthly cost
iD Mobile Unlimited £7 See deal
O2 Unlimited £15 See deal

24 month 10GB deals

You can also get 10GB per month on longer 24-month SIM contracts, from the following providers:

Provider Calls and texts Monthly cost
BT Mobile Unlimited £15 See deal
iD Mobile Unlimited £15 See deal

How long does 10GB last?

With 10GB of mobile data, you could browse the internet for almost a week straight, stream music for almost 3 whole days, or watch low-quality Netflix for over 24 hours. On a monthly plan, this is equivalent to around 5 and a half hours per day or internet browsing, 3 and a half hours a day on social media, but just 2 hours per day of music streaming.

This is roughly how long 10GB would last to do the following tasks:

Browsing the internet 6 days 23 hours 5.5 hours per day
Browsing social media 4 days 15 hours 3.5 hours per day
Sending files via email 1,000 files on average 33 files per day
Streaming music 2 days 19 hours 2 hours per day
Watching YouTube (480p) 1 day 14 hours 1 hour per day
Watching YouTube (720p HD) 11 hours 30 minutes 23 minutes per day
Watching YouTube (1080p Full HD) 6 hours 4 minutes 12 minutes per day
Watching Netflix (Low quality) 1 day 9 hours 1 hour per day
Watching Netflix (SD) 14 hours 17 minutes 28 minutes per day
Watching Netflix (HD) 3 hours 20 minutes 6.5 minutes per day
Watching Netflix (UHD) 1 hour 26 minutes 2.5 minutes per day
Video calling (SD) 18 hours 31 minutes 36 minutes per day
Video calling (UHD) 6 hours 10 minutes 12 minutes per day
Downloading/updating apps (Android) 870 apps on average 29 apps per day
Downloading/updating apps (iOS) 291 apps on average <10 apps per day

Is 10GB of mobile data enough for me?

According to Ofcom’s latest Communications Market Report, the average mobile phone user consumed around 4.5GB of data in 2020. So, 10GB is over double the nationwide average, which suggests that it should be more than enough for the average user.

And judging by the table above, 10GB should be more than sufficient for those that like browse the internet or social media, stream music occasionally, and download a few apps from the AppStore or Play Store. However, as it only allows for around 6 and a half minutes of Netflix in HD per day on a monthly plan, if you like to stream high-quality video to your smartphone then we’d suggest going higher than this – perhaps 100GB, or even unlimited.

Alternatively, if you really only need your phone for calls and texts, and only occasionally send the odd email or browse the internet, you could save some money by opting for a less generous plan – perhaps 5GB, 2GB, or even 1GB.


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