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About iD Mobile

iD is a relatively young mobile minnow, operated by Carphone Warehouse/Dixon’s Carphone and offering service over Three’s mobile network. Launched in 2015, it recently achieved a 1.5% share of the mobile market.

At a glance

The good: The bad:
Cheap and flexible mobile deals Download speeds not as fast as other networks
Widespread UK coverage No rewards or extras
Unlimited data plans available No free roaming available outside of Europe
Monthly data rollovers available Tethering not available
Monthly spending caps available to limit your spending
WiFi and 4G calling available when there is no signal

iD Mobile: Handset Choice

iD offers handsets from Apple, Huawei, Google, Samsung, and others on pay-monthly 24-month mobile contracts and SIM only mobile deals on 30-day, rolling contracts or on a pay-as-you-go basis. Data allowances range from 500MB to 40GB a month.

About iD - Great for Budget Buyers

iD claims to offer the UK’s lowest priced SIM - 500MB of data, 150 minutes of chat, and unlimited texting for £3.99 per month. And with rolling contracts on all SIMs, you can duck out easily.

Other perks are fairly standard - data rollover, bill capping so you don’t overuse and overspend, and inclusive roaming to more than 50 destinations, within your current cost and data allowance.

iD Mobile Network Coverage

Three’s network, used by iD, is available to 99.8% of the UK population and offers coverage to 78% of outdoor space and 89% of indoor premises, comparable to its network operator rivals. Three’s 4G offers average download speeds of 18 Megabits per second (Mbps), in third place behind EE and Vodafone. Its 4G network is available to customers just 76% of the time, less than the other three mobile operators. However, Three is investing heavily in its infrastructure, which will deliver benefits in the future to its customers and those of the mobile virtual network operators like iD Mobile which piggyback off its network.

Complaints Handling & Customer Service

iD mobile hasn’t achieved a large enough market share to appear in Ofcom’s customer satisfaction league tables. The telecoms regulator does compile data on complaints filed about iD (and other providers), however. In iD Mobile’s first appearance in the complaint league tables, for the second quarter of 2018, it received the second highest number of complaints for pay-monthly mobile phone services, at 10 per 100,000 customers, double the industry average of five per 100,000. However, it had improved by the next match, and posted just 5 complaints per 100,000 in the third quarter of the year.

If you do have a concern, iD offers live online chat services and a phone helpline, available between 9am and 8pm during the week and between 9am and 6pm on weekends.

In its few short years on the mobile market, iD has developed a reputation for flexibility and affordability, particularly if you just need a SIM for occasional or light use. However, if you have a large appetite for data, you may be able to find more GBs and more reliable 4G for cheaper elsewhere.