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Alternative ISP Voneus granted code powers by Ofcom


Ofcom has agreed to grant simplifying code powers to new independent ISP Voneus.

Voneus, has already rolled out 50Mbps broadband services in areas across the UK and welcomed the decision by the communication regulator, which will help expansion of their current network.

Code Powers are generally applied for by network providers who want to both quicken and simplify their planning process. The code allows for network providers to build infrastructure on public land and gives them certain rights over private land either in the form of a deal with the landowner or an application to the county court. Code Powers offer a level of protection to network providers by allowing them a certain level of immunity from both country and town planning legislation. This in turn simplifies by the process by decreasing the number of licenses needed by the company in question for civil engineering projects.

The granting of Code Powers is common in the world of network development so generally a successful application isn’t seen as noteworthy. Voneus in this case however have decided to make a press release about the achievement.

Alan Seldon, Customer Services Director of Voneus, said:

“There are numerous rural communities across the UK that are still struggling to get access to superfast broadband; many are stuck on lengthy waiting lists, in the hope that broadband will eventually reach their neighbourhoods. These Code Powers will cut the wait for the communities we serve. They make it simpler for us to expand our infrastructure into new places, meaning we can more quickly bring superfast broadband to more homes and businesses.”

Broadband services are currently available from Voneus in 50 locations and the network provider operates almost exclusively in rural areas. They have seen some strong growth in the past few months, namely due to the acquisition of a few local rivals.


Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn

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