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Charity warns lower income households could spend half of income on energy
20. 01. 2022 | Michael Quinn

Soaring energy prices could leave the lowest income families spending...

Council-Backed Together Energy Falls into Administration
20. 01. 2022 | Lauren Smith

As widely predicted last week, Together Energy has become the...

EEIG urge Government to better insulate houses
14. 01. 2022 | Michael Quinn

The government is facing calls to ramp up its efforts...

SSE criticised for suggesting customers cuddle pets to stay warm
14. 01. 2022 | Michael Quinn

As concerns grow that the energy crisis could drive millions...

Together Energy on the Brink of Collapse
11. 01. 2022 | Lauren Smith

An energy company half-owned by Warrington Borough Council is lining...

Boris Johnson rejects calls to slash VAT on energy bills
07. 01. 2022 | Michael Quinn

Boris Johnson has said that he will not be slashing...

Age UK Warns of the Impact of Soaring Energy Bills on the Elderly
06. 01. 2022 | Lauren Smith

High energy bills will push 150,000 elderly Britons into fuel...

Energy Bills to Remain High Until 2023, Suppliers Warn
30. 12. 2021 | Lauren Smith

The global surge in natural gas prices is likely to...

British Electricity System Got Dirtier in 2021
29. 12. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Britain’s power grid got dirtier in 2021 for the first...

Energy Price Cap Could Jump 46% in April
22. 12. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Household energy bills could rise by nearly 50% from April,...

Citizens Advice criticises Ofgem for failings in the energy market
10. 12. 2021 | Michael Quinn

As the energy crisis goes on, Ofgem continues to face...

Gas Bills Could Nearly Double in 18 Months, Fuel Poverty Charity Warns
08. 12. 2021 | Lauren Smith

Brits should brace for further energy bills hikes in the...