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Apple Accused of Breaking EU Law Over App Store Fees
04. 05. 2021 | Harry Pererra

Apple has been accused of breaking EU competition law resulting...

Google and Facebook ‘Failed to Remove Scam Adverts’
30. 04. 2021 | Harry Pererra

Consumer watchdog Which? has reported that Google and Facebook failed...

Google vs Oracle: Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Google
09. 04. 2021 | Harry Pererra

A battle that has lasted a decade over Google’s alleged...

Worldwide Computer Chip Shortage ‘Reaches Crisis Point’
26. 03. 2021 | Harry Pererra

There is a growing global shortage of semiconductors, potentially leading...

Instagram Led Users to Covid Misinformation, Says Report
11. 03. 2021 | Harry Pererra

A report from a social media watchdog claims that Instagram’s...

UK Watchdog to Investigate Apple Over ‘Unfair’ App Store Terms
09. 03. 2021 | Harry Pererra

The Competition and Markets Authority has launched an investigation into...

Zoom Growth Continues After ‘Unprecedented’ 2020
05. 03. 2021 | Harry Pererra

Video conferencing company, Zoom, is anticipating 40% growth in sales...

Facebook and Google ‘Too Powerful’, Says CMA Boss
25. 02. 2021 | Harry Pererra

Andrea Coscelli, the head of the Competition and Markets Authority...

Bing Ready to Step In If Google Withdraws from Australia
04. 02. 2021 | Harry Pererra

The Australian government has revealed that Microsoft’s Bing is ready...

Apple and Facebook Clash Over Online Privacy Move
02. 02. 2021 | Harry Pererra

Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, has launched yet another...

Apple Removes Thousands of Apps from its Chinese App Store
05. 01. 2021 | Harry Pererra

Apple removed thousands of apps from its App Store in...

Zoom Lifts Call Limit on Free Accounts Over Festive Season
21. 12. 2020 | Harry Pererra

Zoom will help families socialise safely over the festive season...