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EE reveals details of HTC 5G Mobile Broadband Hub and Router

ee 5g router

The UK’s largest mobile network provider EE has recently released details for its first broadband plans using the new 5G network.

They released details regarding their 5GEE plans as well as the HTC 5G wireless hub which will deliver ultrafast mobile internet to customers around the country. The hub will provide the same level of coverage when you are out as it would in the home assuming your house has access to 5G. It acts as an all in one media portal with the ability to stream 4k movies over wi-fi to any connected devices and, due to the low levels of latency that 5G offers, it can even be used for online gaming.

The hub is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor which is the same that you will find in most top of the range android phones. It comes equipped with 5-inch touchscreen interface, google assistance voice control and boasts around 30 metres of wi-fi range. It even comes with 32GB of internal storage meaning you can download and store media directly onto the device. It can also connect to up to 20 Wi-Fi devices at the same time which is very impressive if seemingly a little unnecessary.

EE Marketing Director, Edward Goff, explained:

“Our 5G network will give EE customers even faster, more reliable mobile WiFi connections where they need it most – whether online gaming on the move, downloading or streaming HD content, or simply keeping a fast connection in the busiest areas.

“With the HTC 5G Hub, we’re seeing mobile experiences typically associated with tablets and smartphones combined with the practicality of a mobile broadband device and portable battery. With such a diverse product, we’re the only UK network that allows users to enjoy the fastest mobile connectivity in more places.”

The bells and whistles do come with a fairly sizeable price tag, unfortunately. To get EE’s new 5G router and broadband package, you’ll need to pay £100 upfront, and either £50 a month for 50GB of data, or £75 per month for 100GB, both on a two-year contract. This option may provide a good option for those who are unable to get the fibre connection that they require in their house and need an ultrafast connection, but the hefty price tag should prevent fixed line broadband providers from being too worried just yet.

Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn

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