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Virgin has just released a new ultra high-speed package, which eclipses their previous 300Mbps offering.

Current VIVID 300 customers will have their connections speeds upgraded to VIVID 350 free of charge.

The 350Mbps connections speed from Virgin has actually been available from 2017 although it was only made official in February this year and it is only now that you will be able to see the upgraded speed advertised on the Virgin Media website.

The 350Mbps offering will cost £41 for the first 12 months of the contract which will then increase to £48 on a rolling monthly basis when the initial contract has expired and requires a £20 installation fee. This new speed will be offered alongside various other Virgin Media services such as line rental and TV for an additional cost.

Virgin Media’s Executive Director for Connectivity, Anthony Vollmer, said: “We’ve always been proud of our network’s speed and for good reason. Our lines bring blazingly fast download speeds which are leagues ahead of those our customers could find elsewhere. We have been the speed leader since 2007: We intend to remain at the front of the pack.”

The new high-speed connection from Virgin means that downloads will be even faster and will allow customers to:

  • Download HD movies in approximately two minutes which is light years ahead of the standard UK connection which takes around 16 minutes
  • Download a 25Gb video game in roughly 10 minutes whereas it would take one and half hours if you have the average UK connection speed

The new development will keep Virgin out in front of Openreach’s best offering which currently boasts speeds of up to 330Mbps. Virgin Media have increased their connection speed by 15x since they were launched in 2007 and this latest development will mean that Virgin will be able to offer speeds 4x faster than BT and Sky’s most widely available packages.

Various local authorities across Europe will have the chance to register with the European Commission to be in with a chance of being granted vouchers worth up to £13,000 to spend on WiFi infrastructure.

Southwark council has recently agreed a deal with ISP Hyperoptic to extend their network to 53,000 council homes and 43,000 additional residential buildings in the London borough.

Hyperoptic is going to be connecting local businesses with around 1000 commercial properties in line to be connected. The deal with will extend network coverage of gigabit capable broadband to around 80% of the properties in Southwark.

As if this new development wasn’t enough, it appears that the final 20% of Southwark is going to be connected due to an arrangement with Community Fibre who will be deploying their services to 54,000 properties in the borough. Community Fibre has many similar agreements around the capital in Westminster, Richmond, Wandsworth, City of London, Hammersmith and Fulham and with Genesis Housing totalling 105,800 properties.

Community Fibre CEO Jeremy Chelot said: “We are delighted to be working with the Southwark Council to bring Gigabit services to properties in London. Southwark Council’s commitment has made it easy for Community Fibre to bring this expansion to reality, showcasing how an innovative approach from a local authority can help us to provide the best connectivity to meet residents’ needs. Community Fibre plans to bring full-fibre connections to more than 500’000 properties across London by 2022, providing more Londoners with the Internet they deserve at affordable prices.”

The new arrangement with Community Fibre will provide Southwark with some pro-bono broadband services to various local institutions such as school and libraries. The ISP has also promised to create local jobs as it sticks to its pledge of hiring locally for installation projects.

Figures from a recent study commissioned by TalkTalk show that 69% of people could be “losing out” on better deals due to not switching to a different mobile network.

It has been the case for some time that many new residential developments have not been built to include the provision for superfast broadband.

The local authority in Norfolk is currently in the process of deciding how best to finance the upcoming stage of their Better Broadband for Norfolk scheme (BBfN).

Cityfibre and Vodafone have chosen Aberdeen as the second be part of their 1Gb FTTH venture. The cost of the overall deployment is believed be around £40m.

TalkTalk customers who applied for the new multi room feature will be happy to hear that the ISP is beginning to finally roll it out in the coming months.

Hyperoptic, the self-proclaimed providers of the fastest residential broadband in the country has tested the “fastest home broadband the country has ever seen” at East Village in London.

The SE16 section of Southwark has long been a victim of subpar internet speed, but this is all set to change with Relish Wireless installing the first of many aerial masts in the area.