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Broadband for My Second Home

Find the perfect broadband deal for your second home depending on your specific needs.

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Broadband for My Second Home
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Free and impartial

Rated 4.9 / 5 on Google*

Rated 4.9 / 5 on Google*

Offers from over 15 providers

Offers from over 15 providers

Compare Broadband Deals for Your Second Home

Do I Need Broadband for My Second/Holiday Home?

Whether or not you need broadband for your second home is largely dependent on how much time you intend to stay there. If it’s empty for most of the year then you’re better off getting a 30-day broadband deal for each time you intend to visit. Bear in mind that you will need to order this a couple of weeks in advance of your visit. Alternatively, if you only use a small amount of internet or are willing to use it less when you’re away, a mobile broadband hotspot may be more suitable.

If you rent out your second property then you can use a temporary contract for your own stay, leaving your tenants to make their own broadband arrangements. You could also get a permanent contract and include the cost in the tenants’ rent during their stay.

If you plan on making regular visits to your second home then a permanent, long-term broadband contract may work better for you as you will not have to worry about arranging a temporary contract every time you visit. This will also allow you to avoid any set up or connection fees that you may have to pay on a short-term contract.

What If My Second Home Is in a Rural Area?

Finding a stable internet connection when you’re out in the British countryside can be a difficult and unrewarding task at times. However, those seeking to get online in a scenic destination shouldn’t worry as nowadays there are plenty of broadband options for you to try.

Mobile broadband:

This allows you to access the internet through a wireless dongle, router or using a data-only SIM card which you insert into your laptop. The draw back with this option is that it relies on using 3G and 4G mobile data networks. This means if you don’t have an internet connection on your phone then you won’t be able to get online.

ASDL broadband:

This connection is delivered using copper phone wires and is available in most parts of the U.K. including some more rural locations.

Satellite broadband:

This connection requires you to have a satellite dish installed in your home but it will allow you to get online no matter your location.


This connection is delivered through fibre-optic cables and can offer very high download speeds. However, this connection isn’t available in a lot of places so make sure to use our postcode checker to see if its available in your area.

Local networks:

Some villages, even rural ones, invest in having a local network installed to gain access to the internet. Those seeking to use this service will have to buy their own aerials to get online.

Enterthe postcode of your second home in our broadband comparison engine, and we’ll use your location to find the best broadband deals available to you in your area.

What If I Have a Holiday Home Abroad? What Alternatives Are There?

If your holiday home is outside of the U.K. then you could consider either a satellite broadband or mobile broadband connection. Satellite broadband will require you to have a satellite dish installed if you do not already have one, while mobile broadband should be available in any location that receives a 3G or 4G connection.

*Rated 4.9 / 5 by 19 reviews on Google