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Best antivirus software 2023

Best antivirus software 2023

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Last updated: 26 January 2023

Antivirus software has been safeguarding our devices since the dawn of personal computing, though it’s not always easy to know what kind of software you need. To save you the hassle we have put together a quick guide so you know which antivirus software is right for you to improve your internet security.


Cost: £29.99 for one year, £69.99 after

Devices covered: 10

On top of the usual system scanner to detect any unwanted guests in your device, Bitfender runs an automated check to highlight any weak spots in your existing defences. These could be easy to hack network passwords or out of date software.

Bitfender also offers a VPN service and pre-emptive protection against any potential threats, as well as a password manager. AV Test’s latest report also showed that Bitfender’s security managed to deal with all malware attacks directed at it.

Norton 360

Cost: £34.99 1st year, £89.99 after

Devices covered: 5

One of the best known and most popular antivirus companies, Norton provides comprehensive virus protection for an affordable price. Available on almost any device or operating system, Norton offers a password manager, protection against malware while browsing, defence against phishing attacks and their own VPN.

On top of these more run of the mill features, Norton also offers a deeper layer of security which sounds the alarm should any of your login details be found for sale on the dark web.

Bullguard Premium Protection

Cost: £20.98 1st year, £69.96 after

Devices: 10

One of the most cost effective options (for the first year at least) on our list, Bullguard Premium Protection still offers an impressive range of protection for it’s competitive price. One of its key features is its machine learning system which keeps out virtually all variations of malware and ransomware.

It also offers a specially protected web browser, giving you extra security when you're entering sensitive information. Like Norton, Bullguard also conducts scans of the dark web and alerts you should any of your details be up for grabs.

McAfee Total protection

Cost: £39.99 1st year, £89.99 after

Devices: 10

McAfee is one of the oldest providers of antivirus software, having been plying their trade since the 1980’s. McAfee Total Protection offers all of the expected features such as a VPN, password manager and firewall, as well as fantastic value for money as you can protect up to 10 devices under a single plan.

They also boast features such as encrypted storage for protected or sensitive files, as well as PC performance optimisation which keeps you up to date about how your device is running.

Kapersky Security Cloud

£49.99 1st year, £89.99 after

Kapersky is one of the more expensive options on our list, but with a higher price also comes a high level of virus protection. Perhaps Security Cloud’s best feature is its adaptable technology which will configure it’s settings depending on your behaviour.

It also offers some of the best malware protection available, plus a VPN giving you up to 200MB per day of internet browsing. There is a 30-day money back guarantee available so you can try before you buy to make sure it suits your antivirus needs.


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