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Is IPTV legal?

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Last updated: 11 March 2022

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TV, and is essentially any television service delivered via the web. It is often used by people to gain access to foreign TV services they wouldn’t otherwise be able to in their own country. But is it legal in the UK?

IPTV is perfectly legal when the package purchased has permission from the copyright holder. Technically, all forms of catch-up TV are IPTV.

However, this changes when the boxes are set up in a way that allows them access to channels they shouldn't be able to. This is done with specialist software, providing a gateway to websites that illegally take advantage of channels being broadcast.

One of the challenges for the law is that the actual boxes used to access illegal content are often legal themselves.

For example, Kodi, a popular box intended for use with a legal app, can be easily configured with different software. This gives access to a much wider range of channels and is against the law.

As well as the obvious risk of being prosecuted, downloading illicit IPTV software can bring malware and viruses with it, which can also slow down your internet connection. Obviously, it’s something we would strongly recommend against.

If you’ve seen an ad offering a range of channels for far below the price you would expect, the chances are it isn’t legit. To keep it safe, we would recommend sticking to well known brands and products.


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