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How to Cancel Origin Broadband

Unhappy with your Origin broadband contract? Find out how to cancel and switch to a new provider

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Rated 4.9 / 5 on Google*

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Offers from over 15 providers

Origin: How to Cancel

Whether because your contract is ending, or because you are unhappy with your broadband service, you might be looking at cancelling Origin broadband. Read on to learn how and when to cancel, how to avoid early termination fees, and how to switch to a provider that will give you what you need.

When does my contract end?

Before cancelling your Origin broadband you should check when your contract ends. That way you won’t get a nasty shock if you’re charged cancellation fees.

It is easiest to check your copy of your contract. Alternatively, Origin encourage you to use their live chat function via their website. You will need your customer number and account details for identification.

You can also call Origin on 0330 024 1777. You will need your customer number and account details ready.

How do I cancel Origin broadband?

The easiest way to cancel your Origin broadband is to switch to a new service on the Openreach network. This way, you want even need to contact Origin because your new provider will handle the process. Make sure you give 14 days for your broadband to be switched.

If you are cancelling during your fixed term contract the process is the same but you will be liable to pay an early termination fee.

Cancellation Fees

Origin’s cancellation fees are simple. You will be charged for the total remaining cost of the service.

This means, whatever you are paying monthly multiplied by the remaining time on your contract. Origin will also charge you £40 if you fail to return your router upon cancellation. They will reimburse the cost of post and packaging up to £3.50. Make sure you get proof of posting, Origin will charge you if it goes missing and you are unable to prove it was sent.

Find a New Broadband Provider

If you will still need a broadband service, it is best to find a new broadband provider before you cancel. You want to be sure you are moving to something better and you won’t want a gap in your internet access.

The easiest way to find broadband deals is to compare with usave. We will help you find a deal that suits your speed requirements for the best price. You can even compare packages to find the additional extras to suit your needs.

Here's a selection of deals you could pick from other providers:


Can I cancel my broadband if Origin raises the prices?

Thanks to a ruling by Ofcom you are entitled to cancel your broadband package if your provider raises the cost mid-contract.

If Origin raises the cost of your broadband whilst you’re in your fixed term contract you can cancel your service without paying a fee.

Remember, you can only leave if the cost of your broadband is changing. If Origin raise their prices generally but yours stay the same, you won’t be entitled to end the contract.

Can I cancel my broadband if it’s too slow?

Origin has not signed up to the Ofcom broadband speed code of practice. Unfortunately, this means you do not have the right to cancel if your broadband is slower than expected.

Ofcom may discretionally release you from your contract but you will likely have to make an official complaint and speak to technical support first.

Can I keep my phone number when I cancel?

There is no need to go through the hassle of changing your phone number with your broadband provider.

Your phone number can be easily moved when you switch to a new contract. Just make sure you tell your new provider you want to keep your number when you switch.

*Rated 4.9 / 5 by 19 reviews on Google