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Rated 5/5 based on over 680 reviews
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About Post Office

Internet is not a service that you would generally associate with the postal service, but the Post Office have joined the growing number of providers able to offer simple and low cost internet connectivity.

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What does Post Office offer?

The Post Office offers a no-frills service with a limited range of broadband deals, all of which come equipped with line rental. The Post Office has also recently started offering fibre optic broadband, meaning that they can offer some competitively high speeds. The Post Office's focus is on reliability, familiarity, and low pricing


The post office traditionally only had one speed available that was up to 8MB, they have now broken into the high-speed market and can now offer speeds of between 17 and 76MB. All broadband offers from the Post Office have unlimited usage as standard, meaning you will never have to pay any excess charges. The Post Office also operates a fair usage policy, meaning that it tracks any accounts that may be putting unfair strain on the network. If you are found to be in breach of the fair usage policy, you can have you download of upload speed reduced of potentially even suspended from the service


Phone lines are now included in the Post Office's broadband packages - you can reduce the amount you pay overall for your phone if you pay a years’ worth up front. You can also nominate 10 people that you would call the most often and receive a 10% discount on any charges incurred while calling them.


The Post Office don’t offer any TV services yet, however with their recent leap into the fibre broadband market it might not be long before we see a Post Office TV service.