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Together Energy summary

Together Energy is a relatively new player in the market. It aims to offer affordable energy while combating the issue of fuel poverty in Scotland. To summarise:

  • It is not among the cheapest energy providers ; Together Energy tariffs have a poor value for money rating.
  • Complaint resolution and bill accuracy leave a lot to be desired.
  • Together Energy reviews are among the lowest in terms of overall customer experience.
  • Offers a range of prepayment and fixed rate tariffs.

Together Energy: Company background

Together Energy was established in Scotland in 2016, and it found its way to England in 2017.  Initially, it only supplied to Scottish customers, but it has now expanded all over the UK.

Together Energy provides affordable energy and employs 90% of its staff from the poorest parts of the UK and has developed a base of around 60,000 customers in just four years. It is also widely committed towards ending fuel poverty across the country, which it aims to provide through its wide range of plans and tariffs for every need, as well as by reinvesting into the community.

What are Together Energy’s tariffs like?

Together Energy provides gas and electricity services to its customers, with six core types of tariffs which are a mix of fixed and variable rates.

 Their most popular tariffs are their Economy 7 tariffs, which offer lower rates for energy consumed during off-peak hours (mostly overnight). While their tariffs differ from location to location, you can expect to pay something like £1,080 for an annual standard variable tariff. This is definitely lower than some of the tariffs offered by the Big Six providers, though still quite expensive compared to other, smaller providers. You can also get a discount on your bill if you opt for a dual fuel plan, or pay by direct debit.

Green Brexit Protect Tariff

A unique tariff offered by Together Energy is its Green Brexit Protect tariff, which aims to protect your bills from Brexit and tackle the issue of fuel poverty in Scotland. Under this fixed tariff, fuel prices are frozen for 25 months, which serves as a guarantee against Brexit-related price fluctuations. 

Do they receive a lot of customer complaints?

Unfortunately, while Together Energy has a wide variety of service offerings, it does not have a very good reputation among consumers. In fact, it was the lowest ranked among the 35 energy suppliers reviewed in the Which? annual customer survey, and has a poor score of 2.5 / 5 on Trustpilot.

Some of Together Energy’s complaints mention bills that are not given on time, nor easy to understand, to poor value for money, to slow, unresponsive customer service. Together Energy definitely needs to do a lot more in order to improve its customer experience.

Who to contact if you have a complaint of Together Energy

While Together Energy offers complaint resolution via telephone, customer complaints have mentioned that they are often slow to respond. They also do not respond to complaints over the weekend. You can either try reaching them phone, or email them at

Together Energy fuel mix

Energy mix as follows

Coal - 8.9%
Gas - 60.3%
Nuclear - 18.1%
Renewable - 3.8%
Other - 8.9%