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EE Improves Scottish 4G Coverage

Mobile Carrier EE has recently finished a project which involved installing 90 masts around Scotland,  extending their 4G coverage to over 75% of the country.

Extending coverage aross Scotland’s sparse and often treacherous terrain presented a unique challenge for EE. In one of the most extreme examples, a tower erected near the village of Carsphairn had to be built completely by hand as it could not be reached by vehicle.

The installations will come as a welcome gift to many residents of the more far flung locations who have had to deal with poor coverage for a very long time. The improved infrastructure will also help to promote tourism to such areas as well as assisting with the Emergency Services Network which will give police, ambulances and firefighters access to 4G connectivity.

“Too much of Scotland has been left behind when it comes to mobile technologies,” said Simon Frumkin, ESN MD at EE. “We’re investing across the country to put that right. We’ve already built 90 sites that are providing coverage for the first time, and there are more than 200 to go – this is going to revolutionise access to the digital economy across Scotland, and it will provide 4G coverage for the Emergency Services Network.”

Over the next month the mobile operator plans to put up another 200 masts on top of updating technology in some of the pre-existing masts that only have 2G capabilities. EE is the UK’s biggest mobile carrier by customers and coverage with 99% of the population connected and 90% of the area of the UK. The mobile operator has pledged to increase their coverage of the UK to 95% by 2020.

Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn

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