Fixing internet connectivity problems

We are more and more reliant on the internet with every year that goes by. This makes it all the more infuriating when it doesn’t work, and it seems there are many ways it can go wrong.

But fear not, we have compiled a list of common problems and their solutions to keep you connected.

In this

On / Off

Often the simplest solution is the right one. And you’d be surprised at how many times problems with internet connections can be resolved by actually just checking that the router is plugged in. And if it is plugged in? Turning it off and on again will fix any issues a large percentage of the time.

Router too far away

Problems often occur when your connected device is too far away from your router. The simple solution here is to work out in which room you use internet the most in and move your router as close as possible.

Lack of bandwidth

Sometimes, broadband connections become strained when too many people are using internet devices at the same time - even high-speed internet can struggle if everyone in a home is using a lot of data. To deal with this, make sure that applications are only running if they are being used..


Firewalls are intended to protect computers from unwanted network traffic interfering with its operation. Ironically sometimes they can do just that, if you have two pieces of software, a firewall and a third-party product, they can sometimes clash and contention between the two can block traffic. Certain firewalls will provide issues whereas others won’t, if you experience connectivity issues it’s important to pause your firewall to work out if it is the issue.

Peak times

There are going to be times especially in the evening and late at night where a lot of people in your local area will be using the internet. This will of course have an adverse effect on your download speeds. Unfortunately, there isn’t a great deal that you can do about this, the only real solution is try and determine when the peak hour are and try and use the internet outside of those. If you want to upgrade your internet speed then use our broadband comparison service to search for the best broadband deals for you.


If you browse without a firewall there is a strong chance you will pick up viruses, these vary in what they do but generally are designed to send information to an outside source, this will in turn slow your connection speed down. To prevent this, download anti-virus software, which will include a virus scanning tool, this will detect and remove any malicious software you may have unwittingly picked up. Some of these issues can be resolved by changing your broadband provider and getting a higher speed package.

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