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What is EE fibre?

EE fibre refers to the two tiers of fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) connections that the provider offers. EE’s fibre deals offer a lot more speed than its basic, ADSL Standard Broadband package, and they’re good value for money, too.

EE’s two fibre deals are currently EE Fibre and EE Fibre Plus, the first of which offers average download speeds of 36Mbps, and the latter offers download speeds of 67Mbps.

While not quite as fast as EE’s Full Fibre packages, EE fibre deals are available in more locations across the UK due to the technology involved in providing the connection.

EE Fibre broadband deals

EE offers two levels of basic fibre broadband, which use FTTC connections. These use fibre optic cables to deliver internet to your streetside cabinet, but the last bit of the journey to your home still uses the existing copper phone wires. This means they're less reliable than full fibre connections, but are still much faster, and much more satisfying to use, than basic ADSL connections. 

EE Fibre

EE’s lowest priced fibre package offers average download speeds of 36Mbps and upload speeds of 11Mbps; perfectly adequate for small to medium households who do not require a lot of bandwidth.

At £28 per month, it offers a good price per each Mbps on offer, one that rivals packages from other ISPs. The main downside to this package is the 24-month contract.

EE Fibre Plus

EE’s Fibre Plus package clocks in with a download speed of 67Mbps and an average upload bandwidth of 18Mbps.

This package will suit most medium sized households; you shouldn’t have any issue with multiple people using the internet at one time.

At £31.50 per month, it is only £3.50 more per month than EE’s regular fibre contract and offers almost double the bandwidth. If you can stretch to this level, we would recommend it; you will get a much more stable and faster internet connection for not that much more each month.

What is EE Full Fibre?

EE Full Fibre refers to EE’s range of fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) deals. These connections use fibre optic cables to deliver internet all the way to your router, meaning they’re faster and more reliable than EE’s other broadband and fibre offerings. However, the technology is still being rolled out, so availability for EE Full Fibre isn’t as wide as its other packages. If you can get them where you are, however, you’ll be impressed with the speeds they offer.

EE currently offers three tiers of Full Fibre package – Full Fibre 100, Full Fibre 500, and Full Fibre 900. Average download speeds range from 145Mbps on the basic full fibre package to an impressive 900Mbps on the top tier deal.

EE Full Fibre deals

EE has recently entered the full fibre market, which means they can now deliver fibre optic internet straight to your router, and thus provide much faster download and upload speeds than before.

EE's full fibre deals are called Fibre Max, and currently come in three tiers:

EE Fibre Max 100

Now we are onto the heavy hitters. EE’s Fibre Max 100 uses Fibre To The Premises cables that will provide your household with a download bandwidth of 145 Mbps and an upload speed of 28 Mbps.

This EE broadband offer should be sufficient for most medium to large households, as well as heavy internet users (including gamers).

And currently at just £31 per month, it's just about cheaper than the EE Fibre Plus deal, so it's definitely good value for money considering the increased download speeds and better latency.

That is, if you can get this package. Whilst most households will be able to access EE’s 67 Mbps offering, this package uses newer FTTP connections, so fewer properties will be able to access it yet.

EE Fibre Max 500

If you are looking for next level speeds, you will see them with EE’s Fibre Max 500 deal. With average download speeds of 500 Mbps and upload speeds of 73 Mbps, this contract should allow you and everyone else in your household to stream 4K, game competitively, and download large p2p files at the same time.

It does cost £39.50 per month, meaning over the course of the two year contract you will be paying £948. This is quite a bit of money, and it costs a bit more than you will be paying for similar speeds from some other ISPs (e.g. Vodafone, Virgin Media), but this is a premium product and has been priced as much.

EE Fibre Max 900

Prepare for lift off; EE’s top broadband package comes with unbelievable download speeds of 900 Mbps and upload speeds of 110 Mbps.

This package should be enough for any sized household and sufficient for heavy internet users who want to game / stream / download to their heart’s content at blistering speeds.

And at £49 per month, it isn’t too expensive (at least compared to the competition). The contract will cost you £1,176 over the two year period, but when you compare this package to other ISPs, it is clear it is a good deal; BT’s own gigabit package costs £54.99 per month, and Sky’s costs £51 per month.

Are you still not sure which package is the best to go with? Click here for our more comprehensive review of EE broadband.

Price: How do EE fibre and full fibre deals compare to alternatives?

EE Fibre alternatives

EE Fibre currently costs £28 per month, but for the same price you could be getting almost double the download speed with Sky’s Superfast Broadband package. If you live in a small household or rarely use the internet, however, you’ll be more than happy with 36Mbps. And for just £25 per month - £3 less than EE Fibre – you could be getting Plusnet Unlimited Fibre, although Plusnet’s perks and benefits aren’t as extensive as EE’s.

Deal Average Download Speed Monthly Cost
EE Fibre 36Mbps £28
Sky Superfast Broadband 59Mbps £28
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre 36Mbps £25

EE Fibre Plus alternatives

EE Fibre Plus will currently set you back £31.50 for month, which is only 51p more expensive pre month that BT’s Fibre Essential package, which offers significantly less speed at just 36Mbps. For this reason, we’d say that EE Fibre Plus is better value than EE Fibre. However, you could get the same speeds as EE Fibre Plus for almost half the price (£18.50) with Community Fibre, although this provider is currently very limited in terms of its reach, so you’d be lucky to get it where you live.

Deal Average Download Speed Monthly Cost
EE Fibre Plus 67Mbps £31.50
BT Fibre Essential 36Mbps £30.99
Community Fibre 67 Mbps Fibre Broadband 67Mbps £18.50

EE Full Fibre 100 alternatives

EE Full Fibre 100 currently costs £31 per month, which is even cheaper than the slower EE Fibre Plus package. For the same price, TalkTalk offers a much slower 38Mbps package, but it’s bundled with TV. However, TalkTalk TV is essentially the same as Freeview, so if you’re looking for a good value TV package then we’d suggest looking elsewhere. If you want the same speeds as EE Full Fibre 100 but are looking for better value, then your best bet maybe Sky Ultrafast Broadband, although this will currently save you just £1.50 per month.

Deal Average Download Speed Monthly Cost
EE Full Fibre 100 145Mbps £31
TalkTalk Fibre 35 TV 38Mbps £31
Sky Ultrafast Broadband 145Mbps £29.50

EE Full Fibre 500 alternatives

EE Full Fibre Plus 500 will cost you £39.50 per month, which is about on par with similar alternatives in the market. For example, Plusnet offers a package with the same download speeds, although it’s slightly more expensive at £39.99 a month. One of the best deals at that speed you can find is Gigaclear’s Ultrafast 500 deal, which costs just £25 per month. However, like Community Fibre, Gigaclear is currently only available in select locations across the UK, meaning it’s out of reach for most people.

Deal Average Download Speed Monthly Cost
EE Full Fibre 500 500Mbps £39.50
Plusnet Full Fibre 500 500Mbps £39.99
Gigaclear Ultrafast 500 500Mbps £25

EE Full Fibre 900 alternatives

EE Full Fibre Plus is the most comprehensive package offered by EE, and will cost you £49 per month currently. For the same price, however, you could get a Virgin Media bundle which offers some of the fastest speeds in the country, as well as a home phone connection and a mobile SIM from O2. If you don’t need any more download speed that 900Mbps, however, consider Sky Gigafast Broadband. It’s only £2 more per month that EE Full Fibre 900, but Sky offers a much wider range of add-ons than EE does.

Deal Average Download Speed Monthly Cost
EE Full Fibre 900 900Mbps £49
Virgin Media Gig1 fibre broadband + home phone & O2 SIM 1,130Mbps £49
Sky Gigafast Broadband 900Mbps £51