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Broadband & Moving House

Moving home can bring plenty of headaches - but sorting out your broadband contract needn't be one of them. Read this guide to find out how to make everything run smoothly when you move.

Last updated: 06 November 2020

Broadband & Moving House
For most people, moving home is a stressful time, and ensuring you have broadband access in your new home may seem like just one of many difficult tasks involved in the process.

Luckily, most broadband providers will be keen for you to move onto their service and will ensure doing so is as pain-free as possible. Often, they’ll even assist you with cancelling your current service.

Can I cancel my current broadband contract?

Before you decide whether or not to change provider, you’ll need to assess your current contract. If you are not approaching the end of your contract, or have recently started a new contract with your current provider, then it may be easier to stay with them. Cancelling your broadband contract early may involve having to pay hefty exit fees, but these can be waived if you’re moving house, in certain circumstances.

Will my current broadband provider be able to provide coverage to my new area?

Your current provider may not actually service your new place if it is outside of their network areas. In this scenario you will be forced to find a new provider for your new home. You shouldn’t be charged exit fees if this is the case, but make sure you speak to your provider to let them know that you’re moving.

When I move will my broadband coverage be affected?

Even if your current provider can provide coverage to your new area, the current service you receive may be affected. If your new address is outside of your current provider’s low cost network area your price may increase dramatically.

If you have chosen your provider for its cheap price in your current area you it may not be the cheapest in your new area. The quality of your coverage may also be affected once you move locations as you may have moved out of your current provider’s network areas. This can result in limits on download speeds or restrictive allowances. You might no longer be able to get fibre optic broadband, for example. Again, in this case, you should be able to cancel your current deal, so make sure you speak to your ISP.

What if there are better broadband deals in my new area?

There’s every chance that your new area may offer you faster and cheaper broadband than what you’re currently getting. You may find your new address has access to fibre services which were not available at your old address, and this could allow you to receive much faster internet speeds then you previously enjoyed. Run a comparison using your new postcode to see what broadband deals are available there.

How does switching broadband provider work?

Before you have decided whether or not to change provider you probably want an idea of how the process of moving your current broadband service to your new address works. Some providers approach the process in slightly different ways, but we’ve outlined key steps for a few major players below:

What do I need to do to switch broadband provider?

Virgin Media: To arrange a home move with Virgin Media, you’ll first need to call their customer service team on 0345 454 1111 and provide them with your account number, new and old address and your moving date. On the date of the move it is worth taking your equipment with you as you may not need professional help to install it.

Sky: You can arrange a home move through their website ( In order to use Sky’s broadband service, you’ll need a satellite dish meaning if your new property doesn’t have one you will need to have on installed.

BT: You can request your home move with BT using their website ( Make sure you have your account number, current phone number, new address and moving date to hand when you call. You should take your equipment with you when you move as you should be able to install it yourself.

How long does it take to switch broadband provider?

Virgin Media: If you are happy to install the equipment yourself you do not need to wait for an engineer. You should be able to make an appointment with an engineer within 14 working days.

Sky: You need to provide Sky at least two weeks’ notice before you move. They will then provide you with an installation date after which you will be able to access the internet.

BT: BT will need at least two weeks’ notice before you move and encourage you to let them know as early as you can.

Does it cost money to switch broadband?

Virgin Media: There is a small administrative cost incurred during this process however, you may not have to pay an engineer to reinstall your equipment.

Sky: There is no cost for transferring your deal but to have a satellite dish installed will cost money.

BT: BT offers this service with no cost

Will I have to change my contract?

Virgin Media: You can either keep your current contract or choose to upgrade.

Sky: There is no need to change your contract

BT: With BT you will have to renew your contract if you in the last three months of it. If not, then you will just keep your current contract

Can I get access to a fibre connection in my new home?

Your access to a fibre connection will depend on the availability in your area.

Enter your postcode into our comparison engine to compare broadband deals in your area and will find the cheapest and fastest offers available to you.
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