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Can I get a refund if my internet is down?

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Last updated: 12 January 2022

If your internet connection is not working, then your ISP is in breach of contract, but exactly what you’re owed can vary. 

Fortunately, most of the main internet providers have signed up to Ofcom’s Automatic Compensation Scheme. This means that a landline or broadband customer is entitled to compensation if the service is still not working after two working days.

Once this time has passed customers should automatically receive £8.06 for every day it’s not fixed. If the work requires an engineer to come out, then you should also receive £25.18 if they fail to turn up or are delayed considerably.

If you have not received your compensation within 30 days (generally this will take the form of credit on your account), then you should contact your provider.

The companies signed up to this programme include:

If you do not see your provider here, then the rules on compensation will likely be different. Check the service level agreement in your contract, or contact your ISP directly to understand what you are entitled to.


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