Top Broadband Deals for Black Friday

 It’s that time of year again.

Christmas is just over a month away, which means the biggest shopping season of the year is underway. Black Friday, the pre-holiday sales frenzy that started in the States, has been gaining popularity in the UK in recent years. But now it’s not only bargain phone and TV deals you can find. Internet providers are also getting in on the action, offering a great range of cut-price broadband packages for a limited time.

When looking for the best broadband package, you need to be aware of what is available and what is required for you. If you like to stream 4K content from services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Apple TV, or if you like to watch live sport on Sky or BT, then you will need a fast broadband connection. Netflix recommends a minimum speed of 25Mbps to use its services. Also, before subscribing you should check with your provider that you are definitely covered in your area – this is particularly the case if you want superfast fibre optic broadband.

TalkTalk fibre internet for under £20 a month

At £19.95 per month, this plan from TalkTalk is one of the cheapest on the market for fibre optic internet. With average speeds of 36Mbps, this package offers you fast internet and unlimited usage, as well as weekend UK calls on your landline. This deal is available until the 29th November, and the price is fixed for the duration of the contract so you won’t be faced with any unwelcome price hikes in the future.

BT superfast fibre broadband for under £30 a month

 This package from BT comes with much a higher average speed of 50Mbps. It also comes with unlimited monthly usage and UK calls. The contract lasts for 18 months at £29.99 a month, with an additional setup cost of £9.99. This offer also includes a £120 Mastercard rewards card and a £70 Marks & Spencer voucher.

Virgin Media VIVID 100 fibre broadband for £40 a month

 Although a bit more pricey, this package offers average download speeds of 108Mbps. While speeds of 50Mbps are usually considered reliable for individuals or couples, this package could be useful if you share your house with your family or other tenants that tend to use the internet at the same time. At £40 a month, this package is highly recommended as it has won many awards for overall satisfaction, reliability and speed.

Vodafone unlimited broadband for £22 a month

With average download speeds of 35Mbps, and a guaranteed speed of 25Mbps, this package offers reliable and fast, unlimited broadband at a fair price of £22 a month. The 18 month contract comes with no additional setup fee. If you are an existing Vodafone customer, you can get this package for as low as £20 a month.

Onestream unlimited broadband for under £10 a month

At £9.99 a month, this package from Onestream is one of the cheapest ever available on the UK market. However, with average download speeds of only 11Mbps it may not be suitable for your needs, depending if your planning to binge watch the latest series of your favourite show or not.

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