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Best Broadband Deals Available Today

Updated: 20 February 2019

Broadband providers constantly change and update their selection of available packages and deals. These changes can be hard to keep up with, and so it's worth running a quick comparison regularly to see how much you could save if you switch when your contract runs out.

You'll need to compare using our postcode tool in order to see what's available in your area, but here are some of the top deals avaialable in the UK right now:

Cheapest deal this week


Right now, the cheapest package on offer is from Plusnet. Their ‘Unlimited Broadband’ package costs just £18.99 per month, and for that you’ll get unlimited usage, with an average connection speed of 17Mb.

Check out the deal here

Best deal this week for speed


The fastest package on offer is from Hyperoptic. Their ‘1Gb Fibre Connection - Broadband & Phone’ package costs £39.00 per month, and for that you’ll get unlimited usage, with a staggering average connection speed of 1000Mb.

Check out the deal here

Best Broadband Deals Available in Your Area

Use the table below to find the best broadband deals to suit your needs.
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Online Offer Go 30 (Enter code GO at checkout for £30 off activation)

  • Gigaclear
  • Go 30 (Enter code GO at checkout for £30 off activation)

    18m contract. Total upfront fees £120.

  • Up to


    per second

  • Truly Unlimited


  • £35.00

    per month

  • Gigaclear

Online Offer Home Unlimited (12 months)

  • Relish
  • Home Unlimited (12 months)

    12m contract. Total upfront fees £0.

  • Up to


    per second

  • Truly Unlimited


  • £22.00

    per month

  • Relish

Online Offer Superfast 1

  • Superfast 1

    18m contract. Total upfront fees £0.

  • Up to


    per second

  • Truly Unlimited


  • £21.00

    per month

Online Offer First Broadband

  • First Broadband

    18m contract. Total upfront fees £0.

  • Up to


    per second

  • Truly Unlimited


  • £16.99

    per month

Online Offer Unlimited Broadband - Line Rental Only

  • Unlimited Broadband - Line Rental Only

    18m contract. Total upfront fees £0.

  • Up to


    per second

  • Unlimited


  • £18.00

    per month

man comparing broadband deal

Comparing broadband plans is a great way to save money, here are some top tips on how to do just that.

We're not just about providing a comparison service, we're also keen on giving you the tools to make the most of that service, and to ensure that you know enough to avoid overpaying for broadband ever again. As they say: give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day, teach a man to catch a fish, and you'll feed him for a lifetime.

With that in mind, we've put together a great selection of informative guides you can find links to further down this page. Some queries will have nice a quick answers, like those below (click to see their answers).

Discover the Best Broadband Deals

From renters to homeowners to business owners, everyone wants to get the best broadband deal possible. But first you need to work out what ‘the best’ really means for you. Luckily, whatever it is you want, we’re here to help you find it.

Whether you need a fibre optic connection for streaming Netflix, super stable broadband to keep your business connected or a bundle that provides all the entertainment you need, our comparison service will help you out.

Knowing What to Look For

As with many things, there’s no one-size-fits-all best broadband deal available. Which is lucky for us, since otherwise we’d be out of a job. No, choosing a broadband package is a highly personal affair - like picking a favourite colour, or naming your first-born child.

Just as you’re the expert on you, we’re the experts on broadband, and by combining our knowledge, we can make sure that you end up with a deal that you like, at a price you’ll love (as much as anyone can love paying for something, that is).

So, ask yourself: what do I want from my broadband? Is it speed? Unlimited usage? The lowest price possible?

Maybe you’re not sure, so ask yourself another question: how am I going to use my broadband?

Are you a gamer? Do you download or stream a lot of films? Will you just be going online for the occasional email?

Let’s have a look at the kinds of packages available, and the kinds of users they’re good for, to help you decide which will be best for you.

Unlimited Usage Broadband Deals

Some broadband packages will limit the amount of data that you can download each month (for example Sky offer a deal with a 25gb limit). Importantly, it’s not just actual downloading files that will eat into this allowance - all browsing and streaming counts.

If you’re a light user (i.e. you’re not downloading or streaming lots of films or music), then opting for a cheaper package with a usage limit should be OK.

Bear in mind that an average HD film will take up 3-5GB of space, so your allowance could get used up quickly if you’re not careful.

Nowadays, most broadband packages you’ll get will offer unlimited downloads, meaning you’re free to use your internet as you please. These will generally be subject to fair use policies though - see HERE for more details.

Unlimited usage broadband deals are good for: pretty much everyone but the lightest of users.

Super-fast Broadband Deals

Speed is important to most users - it’s the headline stat that most broadband providers tend to give when they advertise their deals.

A higher speed connection will give you an improved browsing experience all round, but it’s particularly noticeable for those who stream a lot of content, and for those who play games online, when every split second counts.

Super-fast broadband comes through fibre optic cables, whereas conventional internet comes through copper cables. For this reason, super-fast broadband is only available in areas where fibre cables have already been installed.

For more on super-fast fibre optic broadband, click HERE.

Super-fast fibre optic broadband deals are good for: gamers, users who stream a lot of content online.

Broadband, TV and Phone Packages

Most broadband providers nowadays offer bundle deals with TV packages thrown in with an internet connection and the phone line that tends to accompany it. This includes big hitters like Sky, Virgin and BT, who have offered TV services for a while, but also competitors like Now TV, whose on-demand TV service preceding their broadband offering.

If you watch a lot of TV, then it makes sense to opt for one of these deals, and most of the time you can customise the TV package you get to suit your viewing habits.

However, if you watch most of your TV using an on-demand service like Netflix, Now TV or Amazon Instant Video, then getting a live TV package as well can prove false economy. Add up the costs, weigh up the pros and cons, and decide for yourself if this kind of deal is worth it for you.

Broadband, TV and phone deals are good for: users who watch a lot of live TV.

Broadband Without Line Rental

Most of the time, broadband providers will price their deals so that they are more or less forcing you to get a phone line along with your internet connection, even if your internet comes through fibre optic cables.

The thing is, very few people still use a landline. If you can see a good deal that forgoes the line rental, it’s worth going for, but it’s not something to stress over too much. If you’re going for broadband with TV, then you’ll almost invariably pay less overall if you get a phone line as well.

Broadband without line rental is good for: users who really don’t want a land line.

Use Our Guides

To Ensure You Get the Best Deal on Your Broadband

Click on the dots below to browse our hand picked selection of helpful guides, curated by us, just for you...


  • How do I switch my broadband provider?

    When you move into a new home, you need to choose a broadband provider to set up your connection. But if you want to change your existing provider, you might think it's a bit more complicated. Fortunately, it's not complicated at all. In fact, you follow the same steps as setting up a connection in a new house. Use our comparison tool to look for broadband deals using your postcode. Choose the ideal package for you, then sign up with the provider. They'll deal with telling your existing provider that you don't want to continue receiving your broadband from them. It's like getting your new partner to break up with your old one for you. However, if you're currently with Virgin Media or switching to them, you need to do this yourself. Once you've signed up, your new provider will help you get set up. They'll send you what you need, including a router, and arrange a time to send out an engineer if they need to.

  • Does switching provider take long?

    There's no set time it takes for your broadband to be switched from your old provider to your new one. However, everything should be done in around 10 working days, which could be up to two weeks in total. If there isn't currently a working phone line, an engineer will need to come out and install one. This can delay things a little as you'll need to be home and arrange a suitable time for them to come. Remember that if you're cancelling a Virgin Media package, you need to call them.

  • Can I keep my email address if I switch?

    You might have an email address that is connected to your current broadband package. When you make the switch, you might be worried that you'll have to give up that address. In some cases, you'll be able to keep it, but some providers won't allow that. You can still access your email if you use BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet or Virgin, although it might only be temporary. Before you switch your broadband provider, you should consider a new email address and change any accounts connected to your old one.

  • Which provider offers the best broadnabd deals in the UK?

    The broadband provider with the best deals depends entirely on your outlook. It depends on what matters to you when you choose a provider. You need to think about how much you're willing to spend, how fast you need your connection to be, and where you live. Our tool to compare broadband deals begins with inputting your postcode. That's because it's the first stage of finding out what options are available for you. Some regions have more options or just different options. In some areas, you can get fibre broadband, while in others it hasn't yet been made available. You will be able to get TV and broadband bundles in some places but not in others.

    When you compare broadband providers, weigh your budget against the benefits you receive from different packages. You don't always need to choose the most expensive option to get what you need.

  • What is fibre optic broadband?

    You might know that fibre optic broadband is "superfast", but perhaps you want to know more about it. Fibre optic broadband is a newer form of broadband that provides a faster service than standard ADSL broadband. Unlike standard broadband, fibre optic doesn't use your existing phone line. It uses a brand new line that's dedicated to providing better connectivity. It's better able to deal with the modern demands that a lot of homes and businesses have. Because it's a newer service, it isn't available all over the UK. You can use our comparison tool to find out if it's available for your postcode.

  • Can I get a fibre optic broadband deal?

    When you search for broadband deals using your postcode, you might find that you can't see any options for fibre optic broadband. The reason for this is that fibre optic is a relatively new technology and service. Broadband providers are still in the process of rolling it out across the UK, so it might not have reached your region just yet. The majority of the country has access to this fast service, but there is still a portion waiting to receive it. The rollout is sponsored by the government, and it's happening quickly, so fibre optic broadband should soon reach your area. You could choose to wait for it to become available or you can look for the next best deal now and switch your package or provider when fibre optic comes along. Occasionally, fibre optic might be available in your region but it's not available for your property due to your location or the positioning of your home.

  • Why isn't Virgin Media available for me?

    You might also be hoping to see deals from Virgin Media when you compare broadband packages. However, like fibre optic, Virgin Media is not available across the whole of the UK. The provider uses its own cable network, which covers about 50% of the UK. You're more likely to have access to it if you live in a town or city than if you live somewhere more rural. Virgin Media is expanding their network, so if you can't get it now, you might be able to in the future.

  • Can I get broadband without a phone line?

    Can't remember the last time you used your home phone? Have no idea what your landline phone number is? You're not alone. Many people now use their mobile phones to make phone calls, whether they're out and about or at home. It's convenient because you get minutes included with your phone package and you're not tied down to one place. So you might be wondering if you can get broadband without a phone line. Unfortunately, most broadband uses phone lines to work. There are a couple of exceptions. There's Virgin Media, which uses separate cables, as well as a smaller network called Hyperoptic. You can also use mobile broadband, which works like the internet on your mobile phone.

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