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How Do You Know If You've Snagged the Best Broadband?

You might think that which broadband deal is the best is an objective fact. But we can't offer you up just one deal that will work for everyone. If we could, this site would just be a single page telling everyone to buy the same thing. The truth is that, like naming your child, selecting the best broadband deal for you is a highly personal thing. Only you know what you're looking for and what matters to you most. Some people want speed, some want the cheapest price, and some want to get a free TV with their package. However, not everyone does know what they're looking for. If you don't know where to start with choosing a new broadband package, we can tell you what you need to think about.

Is the Best Broadband for You Unlimited or Not?

When you're choosing a new broadband package, you have two choices when it comes to how much you can use it. Your broadband can have unlimited use, or it can have a limit set on it. If it's unlimited, it might also have a "fair usage" policy, which can mean that you're asked not to use it for heavy activities, like downloading or uploading huge amounts of data. You might wonder why you would want anything other than an unlimited deal. But you could save money if you choose a connection with limited use. If you do select one of these, don't worry about your internet switching off when you reach your maximum bandwidth. What will happen is that your connection could slow down significantly.

So what requires unlimited use? If you regularly play video games, use music or video streaming sites like Netflix or Spotify or download large files, you're going to need an unlimited connection. But if you only browse the web, maybe using email and some social media, selecting a broadband connection with a monthly usage limit could save you some cash.

Assess Your Need for Speed

Another vital thing you need to take into account is how fast you need your internet connection to be. When you're thinking about this, it's important to understand what's available in your area. Broadband companies are often able to deliver faster speeds to certain regions. Remember that the promise of speed is only an "up to" amount, so it's a good idea to check how good the service in your area is before you select a broadband deal. Fibre optic is one option that's affected by region. It's not available everywhere but, if you can get it where you live, it's a faster option that could benefit you. You might want to go for a faster connection if you regularly download large files, like video games or movies.

Broadband with Users in Mind

You should think about how many people are in your house when you search for broadband deals in the UK. How many of the people who live with you are likely to be using the internet at the same time, and on how many different devices? For example, a student house might have five people doing their uni work, listening to music and streaming a movie at the same time. A family home could have Dad streaming music from his Sonos system, Mum on her tablet watching TV, and the kids playing an online game on the computer. Lots of activity at the same time will slow down your connection so you might want to consider going for fibre optic broadband.

Add Television

Broadband packages aren't just about the internet anymore. Many of them come bundled with television packages so that you can save money on both. If you want to take care of your broadband and TV selections at the same time, you need to look at BT, Virgin Media, Sky or TalkTalk. All of these providers offer broadband and television deals so you can kill two birds with one stone (or a nicer metaphor). You'll get one bill for two services, which makes another thing easier to deal with. It's ideal to take care of both at once if you've got a smart TV that you're going to connect to the internet.

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